borrowing a good idea. . . the letter F (cont)

apparently I forgot France!

so, we'll take a look at some French things, shall we?

French flag

French beans

French onion soup

French cakes
(otherwise known as gateaux)

French fotographer
follow his link
(it's wonderful)
(remember him? it was quite a while back now. . .)

French fotographer's exhibition
(one of them)
of which I have the book

and we couldn't finish with a little

French kiss


Mel said...


That's as much of France as I know.

But OH..... VACHES!!! :-)

Dave said...


I, Like The View said...

de rien Dave

Mel VACHES!!!! indeed. . .


I'll have to knit myself a thinking cap and find some more French things for ya sometime


Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you for selecting comestibles with some acknowledgment to a vegetarian diet. I would not eat the cakes, because I don't eat eggs, but I would be very polite in refusing them. Ever tried living on a veggie diet in Paris? No wonder they are all so miserable.

I, Like The View said...

Vicus on Friday I shall offer up a vegetarian delux piece, just for you

but I must warn you, I will be serving nut roast (Delia's Curried Nut Roast - my favourite*)(any preference about the nuts? seriously - I don't like brazils, so there won't be any of those in it - but I'll do one with brazils if you like brazils)(*I'll leave the egg out)

my brother is a vegatarian and years ago worked in Norway and eventually had to give up his principles and start eating fish as there was no alternative. . .

apart from hunger

or a diet consisting soley of potatoes


(but - now I think about it, he did take me to a vegetarian restuarant in Oslo, and they do have supermarkets in Norway - so what were his principles?)

Mel said...

I think I could easily surrender any meats.....
I'm darn close to it already.

Though himself does try to entice me into beef....and succeeds on occasion, actually......