doctor's orders

he* says I have to go on a holiday**

(*TGD - the good doctor - remember?) (**I didn't know that doctors were really allowed to say that kind of thing to you. . .) (it's quite exciting!)


Mel said...


A Holiday sounds like a darn good plan!

<-- likes the good doctor

Just sayin'......

Rimshot said...


My doctor just tells me I need to exercise and lose weight and stuff.

katherine. said...

your doctor must be brilliant

going to the coast?

I, Like The View said...

if only the health insurance would fund this prescription! I have to go somewhere hot'n'sunny by the sea, have to sort out XCH/someone to look after the children, have to stay in a room with a balcony and an internet connection, have to work out how I'm going to pay for it, have to go for it - doctor's orders!

I, Like The View said...

(last year's French trip wasn't really very relaxing, but I did a good job at pretending. . . he says I need to go on a holiday I'm going to "enjoy not endure"; bless his cotton socks)

Mel said...

Enjoying and not just enduring would be a good thing.

I have a doctor's appointment today. Suppose I could get him to script a holiday for ME?

Yeah, right......LOL
In my DREAMS!!

mig said...

What an excellent Doctor.
What a brilliant prescription - if only it was a prescription :)
Well all the faff and saving will be easier if there's a happy plan at the end of it.

I, Like The View said...

thre's so much I need to do in the house first. . . )-:

and I probably need to think about the children's holiday in the summer /-:

but I do feel the need to have a bit of a rest (-: (and thinking about is quite fun!)