borrowing a good idea. . . the letter F



flowing water

flying lanterns


fishing nets

flowering cherry blossom

fairy rings. . .

a fallen angel. . .

a feather
from the wing of
a flying angel. . .


fuzzy felt. . .

fuzzy felt
(cos if some is good
more is fantastic)


that Friday feeling


far far away. . .

footsteps and footprints
frosty mornings



fruit salad

Fruit Salads

one of the other things starting with F is father, and I saw mine today: I try not to see him very often as he is extremely grumpy and difficult and demanding and controlling and manipulative but on the odd occasions that I do spend time with him I always realise how, if one can, whatever the circumstances, one needs to forgive and be forgiven. . .
if one can
perhaps I ought to stop there


I, Like The View said...

argh! I forgot flip flops. . .

Sorrow said...

foot prints
in the
of my
feelings??? ( heart)

katherine. said...

my "eph" words are not the ones you want to hear today...

I, Like The View said...

oh honey



what fun sorrow. . .better than being frightened and fighting/flighting, huh


Mel said...

Fuzzy felt! Fuzzy felt!!


As for forgiving fathers.....Fuzzy felt! Fuzzy felt!!!

(((((((((( you )))))))))))))

(((((((( katherine ))))))))))

Dave said...

You forgot France.

mig said...

I'm fresh out of F's!

On the subject of fathers, perhaps you could tease the old man and make him laugh :)

Also on the subject of fathers, finnicky, fussy, fuddy, duddy....
Er, not duddy.
xxxx don't let him get you down.
((((((((((((( I ))))))))))))))))

I, Like The View said...

thanks mig - I'm trying really hard not to


Dave I've found a few French favourites. . .

Mel Fuzzy felt!! indeed. . . (I think Katherine needs a few hugs)

katherine. said...

thanks for the are fabulous

hope your visit with your father went well.

the fotographer link was cool...I loved the woman walking on the wing...