a long long time ago, I used to make my own. . .
now I just enjoy the ordinary stuff that one buys from the shop. . . and currently I'm segueing between humming this* and this. . .
choices, choices!
(*actually, I'm humming Patti LaBelle's version, but there you go - another choice)
choice is a good thing
I hope you have some in your life today


Dave said...

I normally have a glass of milk at breakfast time, and I feel it clashes with marmalade.

If, however, I have a cup of tea, then marmalade goes down nicely.

I, Like The View said...

for me it is definitely one of those combination things

I like bitter orange marmalade on water biscuits in the evening sometimes; I don't like it on toast made from brown wholegrain with added seeds bread; I definitely love it on really really crispy white bread toast, dripping with lots of butter

(sorry Mel to be talking about gluten things)

Mel said... gran used to make marmalade. :-)

That's a cool memory--overrides the gluten factor!

I, Like The View said...

I love making maramlade, more than jam. . .

. . .it's weird, because I thought about this today - and then, later, when I bought the paper, there was a whole section on making marmalade!


mig said...

Serendipity :)
I love marmalade on wholemeal toast (no added grains please) with coffee.

Rimshot said...

You put coffee on your toast?