borrowing a good idea. . . the letter N

no brain - CAUTION!!


nice legs. . .

I'd be there if I'd gone on to the
nipples & nudes & other general naughtiness (but niceness) that
I also found under the letter N
(only I didn't,
so I'm not!)
I always wanted a Newton's Cradle when I was little
I used to find the click clicking sound very restful

I always wanted a Noah's Ark when I was little. . .
I have one of those things that you have about Noah's Arks
I wanted to play with the animals, going in two by two

(now I do have one)(lucky me!)

I've always been fascinated by the concept of
the needle in the haystack
ever found one -
not that I rummage about in haystacks very often
you u
nderstand. . .
Niles fascinates me. . .
(I'd quite like to rummage around in a haystack with him,
needle or no needle)(!)
"nothing but blue skies. . ."

(I prefer the bluegrass version, actually)

nothing but blue skies. . .
. . .until the night sky

sometimes the nights bring nightmares

ooops -
don't know how the orangutan slipped in!



Mel said...

Well, thank G-D for wee print. ;-)

And orangutan's are just happy makin' critters. Kinda like squirrels--which start with an 's'....which wouldn't work either, dangit.


k......I'm now coming up with N's that make me happy. LOL
<-- will blame you, of course :-)

Mel said...

<-- never indulged in a Newton's Cradle either but sure did find them mesmerizing for some reason....

I, Like The View said...

it's the gentle click click click, I think. . . and the swinging, back and forth and back and forth. . .

there were so many Ns. I don't think I did them justice really

and whatever the letter, there'd always be room for your lovely squirrel - and that peaceful bird, just sitting. . .


I, Like The View said...

(I did want to persuse the nude, because I do like the human form. . . but I didn't)(because it would only get a little saucy)

Dave said...

Some of the animals went in more than two by two. I do hate stereotypes. More people should read Genesis. You could have more animals in your set then.

I, Like The View said...

hate is a very strong word, Dave. . .

Gordie said...

Is the Naughty Step one of the Twelve Steps?

katherine. said...

nocturnal....always one of my favorite "n" words...

which can lead to other "n"ice "n" words...

mig said...