rebooted. . .

. . .kinda

I feel very odd actually, everything is quite vague and I'm not really sure about things I feel I ought to know. . .


how my laptop works,

why I seem to be unable to talk to anyone here,

what my problem with attending
"group therapy sessions" is,

why I want a bath and not a shower,

why I was so extraordinarily hungry this morning
and had a three-course breakfast,

why there is a jar of peanut butter
propping my window open,

what will happen when I go "home",

will I ever have sex again,

what am I going to do with myself in September
and thereafter
(if I make it thru the summer, that is)
(which I probably will,
now I'm in the care of The Good Doctor)
when Smallest Person goes to secondary school,
when will the neurofen I took for
my splitting headache
take effect. . .
anyhow, enough of my trivia!
I think I need to have a little nap and let my neurons settle down; everything is feeling slightly frazzled and bleary
I'll catch you later


Gordie said...

Answering in the order you asked:

1) you can learn that again; read the manual.
2) you said you hadn't met anyone you liked, then you said you talked to Gazza in the kitchen.
3) you didn't like baring your soul to the group, and besides you did a lot of talking back in 2000.
4) it feels very different; learn to trust your feelings.
5) this happens sometimes; learn to trust your body.
6) the same reason a dog licks itself: because it can.
7) you will be your true self, and life will be renewed; learn to trust your feelings.
8) yes, if you want to; learn to trust your feelings.
9) more of the answer to question 7, possibly the answer to question 8 s well; see how it goes.
10) Questions of science, science and progress, do not speak as loud as my heart. Ask one of the doctors.

Mel said...

(((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

And with Gordie around to supply the answers--you don't have to worry about the questions!

(This is one less thing to have to question and fret about, eh?)

Here's hoping the headache has left and the sunshine's warming your day, today.

mig bardsley said...

Oh this popped in while I was in between posts.

It's awfully hard to talk when you're frazzled and bleary. Perhaps in a while that won't be happen so much.

mig bardsley said...

I do wonder about the peanut butter. Especially now Gordie has connected it to a dog because my son's dog loves peanut butter.