so this is the bit

that I won't remember later

thus, I'm not going to check out your five tags, until afterwards

whenever it was that I was at college studying psychology and neurology we were taught very simple explanations for how memory works

you have a short term memory and a long term memory

an experience has to go in the short term memory and is "rehearsed" a little and then it will work its way into the long term memory, where it stays put

once it's there, there is no such thing as "forgetting", only lack of retrieval (which is why hypnosis and crime scene re-enactions work)

anyhow, I've been summoned

see you on the other side!


Dave said...

*Waves, hoping you still remember me*

Hope it wasn't too awful.

Oh, and if you could see your way to returning the £100 you borrowed yesterday...

Gordie said...

Everything crossed...

ziggi said...


Gordie said...

You remember what Jack said: Light up like a pinball machine, and pay out in silver dollars.

mig bardsley said...

(((((I))))). I'm waiting on the other side and will be on the other side of all of those doors for as long as it takes :) (I may miss a few here and there but I'll just hurry along till I catch up)

Mel said...

<-- sending peacefilled thoughts and prayers

<-- has sticky notes for short term memory purposes (keep in mind that I lose those it's not a foolproof system......yet.....)

((((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))))

sorrow11 said...

Wondering if there is such a thing as a "non term memory"
would explain a few things round here..