the mystery of the missing


you can just about see the three of them in this image - two are in focus at the front and one is lurking about in the gravel a little way back

well, now there are only two. . .

. . .one has disappeared completely

no bloated body floating around at the water's surface, no spiney skeleton sunk into a corner - no evidence of its demise whatsoever

a mystery

but, given the state of the world right now, not a very important one!

I hope your day was full
with meaning and purpose
and, if not, I hope you had a relaxing one



Vicus Scurra said...

Quite important for the goldfish, I would say.
Who are we to judge whether the life of this being is any more or less significant than the demise of humanity?
I hope that this helps.

And have a lovely day.

Mel said...

UHoh......fishie go bye-bye......

Maybe he just went for a walk and he's not really dead yet.

zIggI said...

was the cat licking its lips?!

I, Like The View said...

Vicus this is exactly why I brought the matter to your attention. . . I'm flattered that you have brought such a high level of contemplation to my small and previously insignificant patch of cyber space

erm, however you have called my bluff

so I will just wish you a lovely day too


Mel for a long time I thought it was hiding in the pirate skull (there is a pirate skull in the fish tank) ((no, really - there is!)) (((photo to follow at some stage))), but no. . .

. . .the remaining two don't seem to miss their pal - perhaps its with them in spirit


ZigZ ah-ha, you sleuth you: there is a lid on the tank! (so no, don't think so) (and I don't think the children had anything to do with it, either)


Dave said...

I suspect it's with them in more than spirit. Fish are carniverous.

Anonymous said...

It was me.

I'm poor and I'm hungry.

*waves* i have been missing presumed academic for some time haven't I?

I miss this place :(

Hope all is well with you? xxx

Mel said...

If I was a fishie, I'd hang out in the pirate skull.

'Specially come September! :-)


(consider that early practice...)

katherine. said...

You have a Somalian skull in your fish tank?

I, Like The View said...

katherine. not quite. . .


Mel I knew you'd like it!

Horse!!!!! have been very down, but levelling out - thanks for asking

so, how's student life?! I was telling one of mine the other day how I used to treat myself to a chicken kiev once a week when I was a student. . . I worked my socks off for four years with all sorts of crappy jobs, and managed to graduate without an overdraft - mind you, didn't have tuition fees to pay

my thoughts are with you sweetie - lovely to hear from you again


Dave even the skeleton?

Anonymous said...

if i remember correctly, when i was a kid, we usually found the deceased lodged near the pump if wasn't bobbing near the top of the water

the first funeral i ever attended was for a catfish named "tuffy" -- we even chalked his name on a mini-headstone before proceeding to bury him in the yard...

mig said...

Just checked your virtual fish in case the missing one's gone that way.
Oh well.