can I just say that

penguins are amazing?

no, not these kind of Penguins (wonderful tho they are). . .

. . .much as I love the merchandise (remember the deckchairs from a while back?). . .

these sorts of Penguins:

amazing - I think I can say that!

smile and wave boys,
smile and wave


Dave said...

In that case you must look at my friend's artwork:

Mel said...

Oh yeah......I broke my penguin cup a while back. The good news is that I have a few other cups to choose from.

Mostly white, of course....LOL

*smiling, waddling and waving back*


Mel said...

Ah HA!
The penguin ate the fishie!

*looking smug*

Mystery solved!!

katherine. said...

what is it about them that permeate so much of our culture?

remember the penguins in "Mary Poppins"? Remember the penguin in "Batman"?

there is something about penguins !

Rimshot said...

and they're such natty dressers

Mel said...

Nope--no baby.

And the girl hates her cervix. LOLOL

Oh, she's so funny. Crabby--but funny...

Happy Thursday to you.

<-- thinking a penguin would make a fun pet (cept for the smell....)

zIggI said...

this is good penguiny fun

Mel said...

Ha! And my message "YES---I ate the goldfishie!"


A confession, even. ;-)

mig said...

Wonderful penguins. Lots of wonderful penguins. Aren't we lucky the world has them in it :)