life's a

rich tapestry

so, you may recall that I was working on this one (up arrow) - well, she's finished. . . as is the following:

and the next:
and now I'm stitching this one:

altho they may seem expensive, at around £40 each for the kit (needle, threads, canvas and instructions), I've decided that that is incredible value for money given that each one takes hours and hours and hours of stitching; and of course, if you're so inclined when you've finished you could turn the tapestry into a cushion. . .

. . .while I sit and stitch it occurs to me that it's a very slow way of passing time, and part of me quite likes that

I sometimes wonder if I'd rather be back where I was a couple of years ago - bookbinding, the band, my friends in The Village - a faster pace. . . but then I do that "stop, listen/look, learn" thing and take a breath to think about where I am and why

why being the operative word

so, I then stitch the next stitch and take a breath and stitch the one after that, and the next

it's only recently that people have thought that life should be jam-packed full of stuff, isn't it - for centuries life has been far more sedate than we find in the C21st (there's nothing wrong with the pace of life, don't get me wrong - it's just that my life lacks it)

and - of course - it's entirely due to the C21st that I can sit here and do this and google images of what I'm talking about. . . I'm not knocking it

it's just not knocking on my door right now

and I've realised recently that I don't have a problem with that

everything takes time, and that is what I have at the moment

a stitch in nine saving some, and seeing as how I've been doing hundreds and thousands of stitches recently I must have saved myself years!

make the most
of your time today

I know you will


Dave said...

The last two, particularly, are my kinds of colours. Lovely.

I, Like The View said...

has it found a home, perhaps. . .

. . .only just started, but it might be finished in a month or two

you could put your cushin making skills to the test again!

let me know


Dave said...


Mel said...

Well done, you!

And they are gorgeous.

*sigh* Seems to be a 'hurry up and wait' kinda deal goin' on all around me. Hows come it's all seems to be about speed and 'I want it NOW' nowadays?

I prefer a slower pace, I think. Mind you, I'm getting lessons in patience AGAIN...and I didn't even ASK for 'em, dangit....

Ah well.....I'll guess that it's for the good and go with it, best I can.
Like I have any other choice? LOL

Sorrow said...

Nothing is worth more than this day~

zIggI said...

they're beautiful Jax - patience is obviously one of your virtues! I have a tapestry wall-hanging but I bought it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. :)

I have a pillow that my Grandmother crocheted for me; my sis didn't get one and is oh so jealous.

Grandma passed in '85 but I still have that pillow that reminds me of her.

mig said...

Oh how gorgeous. I certainly wouldn't have the patience though if I had it I'd probably find the time :)
I'm so glad you're having time to do something relaxing : )
(((((((((( I )))))))))))))

katherine. said...

I love needlepoint...

I have never done a pillow...or a cushion...

the last one is my fave.

it is an activity well suited for contemplation.