it's a beautiful sunny day out there. . .

so what am I doing in here?

getting ready to go out there!

you have a good day
wherever you are
whether the sun is shining or not

(perhaps I'll have something interesting
to write about
when I return. . .)

(we live in hope)

(well, I do)


Mel said...

We'll hope for a good 'going out there' kinda day over here.

Yesterday it eeked up into the 40's....nothing to brag about, really--but better then subzero!

I'll be going out for the usual Sunday mornin' stuff. (Gosh, I'm such a 'routine' kinda gal, huh?)

And just so ya know--I always enter here with great interest. Sharing this little corner of cyberspace has been a very good thing....and there's always interesting 'stuff'!
So pfffffffftttttt! :-D

<-- hopes you are having grand adventures of the fun type!

Sorrow said...

oh, enjoy for us still trapped in the sleet and cold north wind.
give the sun a kiss for me would you?

Sorrow said...

OH! and I fed your fish! and I want a fishie pond too! where? oh where?

katherine. said...

it looks like it might be sunny here too...hope you find many fun things to

I, Like The View said...

I had my small people for the day katherine. - and offered up all sorts of suggestions. . . but they are rarely here at the weekend and all chose to chill. . .

. . .was warm outside tho!

sorrow click on the top right hand corner and you'll get thru to the site and can make your own tank! the sun kissed my cheek - it was wonderful, perhaps spring is here at last


routines are good Mel - keep us grounded; having said that I really really enjoyed having my children for a non-school day. . .

and eventually Mini-Teen and I did go out - borrowed XCH's car and drove with the top down to the DIY store (not what I originally had in mind, but something I needed to cross off The List) and picked up a bunch of stuff (so now I can get on with some more chores on The List!)


Vicus Scurra said...

You have a good day too.

Dave said...

Good morning, and goodbye.

I, Like The View said...

au revior Dave

thank you Vicus - I did

Mel said...

<-- had a good day as well!

Drug out two lawn chairs, sat outside with coffee and pretended it was spring!

Close enough.....the sun was shining and if you sat outside in your coat--

k.....not QUITE spring yet....

I, Like The View said...

coat on here too, if I sit out in the courtyard - it doesn't get much sun and the air's not very warm yet. . .

altho today was another beautiful day! sun shiney and everything; it's so much easier to force a smile when the sun's shining


it's so much easier to smile when the sun shines - and there is some truth in the psycho-neurological effect of smiling


zIggI said...

Tuesday and it's STILL warm - I have even bared my arms today!