it's Friday the Thirteenth

don't say I didn't tell you. . .


Rimshot said...'s NOT BAD

and we have another F13 next month as well!

Rimshot said...

you're up late

Mel said...

Oh--well, you let me know how it all pans out, will ya?

That's the glory of someone 'ahead' of you in time. You get a preview of what's to come.


k....that might be a bit screwy thinking on my part, but it's MY thinking and I'm sticking to it!

Himself just pawned off a plum on me--I'm thinkin' I'm good for a bit.

Popcorn would be lovely though....always!

Mel said...


My silly mouse is having a fit on me.


And I LIKE this mouse, dangit.....

katherine. said...

does you mouse have a ball?
(okay that sounded weird)
if so...take it apart and clean the ball....

I think I will go make popcorn...

no triskaidekaphobia here...

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you. It is nice to be warned. I like to stay away from people with silly superstitions.

Dave said...

I like to stay away from people.

Mel said...

Ummm.....I just like popcorn.

And coffee.

Not necessarily in that order OR together.


I, Like The View said...

Mel coffee and popcorn - any combination - ready and waiting ma'am. . .


Dave people stay away from me


Vicus I don't have any, was just providing a useful public service for those who may


katherine more popcorn? great! now I'm humming "a little mouse with clogs on, going clip clippity clop on the stair". . .


Mel hope you got the little fella sorted


I prefer apricots and peaches to plums - don't like those little gritty bits in plums

but popcorn's always good!

Shot The Teen was out at a gig (yes, on a school night) and I was waiting up, trying not to worry, for his safe return

(he got back about 01:15; and up this morning in time for school)

thanks for the F13 info


Mel said...

Himself was amazed at the tennis ball sized plum.
I'm not so thrilled with plums either--but he's trying so hard to find me new/different things to eat.
My life is ALL about food right now, yaknow.