Friday - it just keeps on coming around. . .

fine food* on a Friday

more FOUR letter words, see? FINE FOOD!

(*the Crunchies being the exception to that rule)

well, there were going to be images of figs, fish, French beans, frogs' legs and fruit salad (not much else edible begins with an F unless it's fried or a fillet) but there's an internal error**, so I'll try again later***. . . oh, and some old English sweets from my childhood: Fruit Salads, Flying Saucers, Fizzers too. . .

**blasted blogger (***I hope you can make do with links instead, in the meantime)


Rimshot said...

foie gras, falafel, farmer's cheese, fava beans, feijoa, Fettuccine, filberts, Filet Mignon, flan, fondue, Fontina cheese, French Dip Sandwiches, fromage blanc, fudge

Mel said...

Frog legs?!


And I clicked on the link?!

WHAT was I thinking?!?!?

katherine. said...

my grandfather would order frogs' legs in was awful

thank God Rim has fudge!

Mel said...

I know what I was thinkin'. I was thinking some cute little froggy would be doing some can-can dance.


Poor froggies....

I, Like The View said...

ah - but Mel, did you notice that the frog's legs were gluten free? hee hee (not for the frogs, obviously)

Katherine I think we'll have to find some fudge!

Shot thank you. . . I'll see if blogger is doing images

I, Like The View said...

a quick review of the suggested items. . .

foie gras no - far too unhealthy!
falafel tick
farmer's cheese don't understand: this must be American?
fava beans no - reminds me of Hanibal Lecter
feijoa don't understand: this must be Mexican?
Fettuccine tick
filberts don't understand: this must be American?
Filet Mignon tick
flan no - not healthy
fondue tick (Mini-Teen's favourite)
Fontina cheese possibly. . . (can you make fondue out of it?)
French Dip Sandwiches no! what?
fromage blanc tick
fudge BIG TICK (I like fudge)

mig said...

And frisbee (but I'm not suggesting that's edible, honest)
I had a frog's leg once and it was rather nice.
Filberts are hazelnuts aren't they? and English - yes, I looked them up. Some lovely variety names :)

Mel said...


And freeze tag!
And frolics and flames and Fantasia and---


<-- will stop with 'f' words now...


I, Like The View said...

don't stop!! I was only doing F food words. . .

oh, it's a long time since I saw Fantasia. . .