fudging the issue

following a suggestion from earlier today. . .

I have to alert the world to The Burnt Sugar Company who make the best fudge ever. . .
. . .believe me. . .

the best
(this is far more useful to you that the fact that today was Friday the 13th)


mig said...

It was my step brother's birthday. But I don't think he was born on a Friday. Unlike me who was :)But not a thirteenth.
I shall send him some fudge!

I, Like The View said...

when I did your linky thing it reminded me that I was a Friday baby. . .

(if there's a Waitrose near you, they stock this fudge)

it really is the best ever


Mel said...

Ahhhh....well, I'll have to ask himself when he emerges from the depths of the basement where he's working on a hill--for the trains to go through....k....well....a tunnel through the hill to be exact.

Fudge sounds good.
LOL All things I ought not have sound good about now.
Why is that?!

I, Like The View said...

this is the best fudge


perhaps I should send you some. . . I wonder if the UK/US postal system allows for fudge to be sent (mind you, I'd need to get to the post office first to do that)

katherine. said...

if you wrap it well...they can not tell it is fudge.

just sayin'

<---- gonna go check if we can get it a way out here...

katherine. said...

apparently not.

but I am now a fan on fb.