dom dum dom dum dom dum dom dum

just when you thought it was safe

to go back into the water
do you remember that children's party game where lots of everyday items are placed on a tray and then the whole lot covered with a cloth. . . then one item is removed and the tray unveiled and you have to remember which item has gone?
I was never any good at games like that
which is odd, because - as an adult - I have a very good visual memory
I think it's something to do with having retrained my brain when I worked commissioning graphic design - I learned to use a visual part of my head that did not rely on words

was I having trouble with lists, perhaps
also odd, when I think about it, because the part of my head that learns lists of words has always been reasonably reliable - French vocab, declining Latin verbs, song lyrics, quoting Shakespeare (was never very good with lists of dates in history, but was always able to remember every phone number under the sun - so numbers are there with words) (was quite good at the end of The Generation Game when all those things would go past on the moving belt) (Mel, honey, you have to ask The Brit)
so, all things considered, it must have been something to do with visual memory of a tray of items and then being put on the spot and having to have instant recall. . . perhaps it was party nerves? I do know now that the three girls at whose home we used to play that specific game at parties (the Brown girls, I have mentioned them before, in relation to VW vans) all had photographic memories. . . so perhaps Mrs Brown was just being ultra nice to her girls, playing games they could win, and I really needn't have been worried for the past 35 years about not being to play that stupid tray game
anyhow, the Brown girls were useless at the chocolate game (you know, a dice is passed around and everyone has a turn rolling it and if you roll a six you have to you dress up in hats and gloves and eat chocolate bars with a knife and fork until the next person throws a six)
and Jaws? after my brief respite of sanity, shedloads of nonsense going on this morning, chez moi. . . but - surprisingly - I seem to be holding up
perhaps it is safe to go back in the water, after all?


Mel said...

It's five in the morning--

Ya suppose himself would have a problem with me awakening him to ask about this chocolate game deal?

Ya dressed up in hats and gloves and ate chocolate bars.......


Mel said...

*going to look for fairy dust to make 'nonsense' g'way*

Shoo! BE GONE!!

Rimshot said...

You have the most wonderfully odd brain.

I, Like The View said...

Shot it very odd, huh

wonderful? eye of the beholder!


Mel brief respite from the nonsense, will pop over and see what the fairies have on offer

ask Himself about "Brucie" and "nice to see you, to see you NICE!" and the memory test at the end of The Generation Game. . . should be interesting. . .


katherine. said...

I would be just fine eating a chocolate bar with a fork and knife until someone else rolled a six....even if I had to dress up and wear a hat.

I am always impressed with the subtle references you implant in your ramble...

back in the water? one toe at at time perhaps...with a tie rope or

I, Like The View said...

back in the water of sanity. . .

you know, coping with normal life without becoming depressed

about the bits that are. . .

. . .difficult - I mean, being able to cope with the bits that are difficult

recognising ordinary sadness as ordinary sadness and not something that is toxic. . .

as for the rest of it (normal life) I'll try and cope with that when I've relearnt how to deal with my emotions, without ending up as a basket case

I've had a really really difficult day - "smile" - but I'm still here

I almost cried, almost burst into tears, about all that stuff that was making me depressed this time last year, last summer, last autumn, last month, I so wanted to just collapse again - it just came welling up, it was totally overwhelming

but I'm not depressed

I'm just sad

but I'm not as sad as I was

this morning I thought it would all go horribly wrong, but now it's this evening

and I'm still here

dipping my toe back into the waters of normality


is it safe? only time will tell


huh, will you look at that! four four letter words