(the bit on the left)
(ignore the part of the right,
it's a tad miserable)

I walked the length and breadth of the museum, to find the room with the painting I wanted to see. . .
The Day Dream
Dante Gabriel Rossetti

I sat in front of the painting and admired it and thought about day dreaming; to get to the room with the painting, I had to walk thru a hall of sculpture. . .

before walking thru the scultpure hall, I walked thru a gallery of glass, both very very old and quite modern pieces. . .

the museum is full of beautifully appointed rooms, galleries and halls, each themselves filled with objects of beauty; and - as importantly - it also has a rather fab coffee shop, in which I had a lovely break; and - similarly important - a rather wonderful gift shop. . .

seeing as the V&A is famous for its collection of various books. . .

HENRI MATISSE, 'Jazz', Paris, Teriade, about 1947
binding by PAUL BONET, 1952

and examples of lettering. . .

'Concerning the Honour of Bookes'

. . .I bought this:

from which this is a page. . . and this is another. . .

(and on the way around, I listened to this) (and while we're doing alphabets and graphics and all manner of colourful things and all together now, let's do this)


Mel said...

All together now--lalalala

Too hot to hold, too cold to hold.

<-- will keep that one in a safe place

What a gorgeous picture to daydream with. I do hope you had some lovely ones.

I, Like The View said...

it was good while it lasted

but hey! it was good!!



just cos


Rimshot said...

I like the statue of the naked lady drummer. I know she's a drummer because she's holding drumsticks in her right hand.

Dave said...


katherine. said...

we would not have been all together...I would have never made it out of the gallery of glass....

okay...maybe after a few hours I could have been coaxed into looking at something else...maybe.

zIggI said...

drumsticks? surely not!

Mel said...


Yaknow I've been trying all day not to doodle.....ain't worked yet. LOL


Anonymous G said...

1, 2, 3, 4
can i have a little more?
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, TEN
i love you!

All together now!!


Interesting book.

funny how nobody mentioned the name. hmmm. yes. well then...

Sail the ship..
Chop the tree..
Skip the rope..
Look at MEEeeee!!

All Together Now!


Dave said...

I deliberately avoided saying anything about the book title.

Sorrow said...

Ahh hto wander the hallowed halls, and sip
sip from the ambrosia of the Gods.
I would never have made it past the glass room...
Cofffeee shop be damned.