on Friday night I received a text which read "try to enjoy your weekend", so in that spirit I am going here today (if only for the coffee and gift shops - but I'm sure I'll find some culture to wallow in as well whilst there) (culture often being thoroughly enjoyable)
more later. . .

in the meantime
I hope you try to enjoy your day
that you succeed!


Mel said...

Oh...how wonderful.....

I had a wander about the Emperor's exhibit--what was allowed online.
I can't imagine sleeping in jammies with gold broccade.

<-- has blue fuzzy jammies with moons and stars on 'em

(thinkin' that's as fancy as it's gettin'......LOL)

Sorrow said...

this http://www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/microsites/chihuly/800x600.html
which i found at your HERE, was one of the best shows I saw when i was in chicago last year..
OMG! I hope they had some for you to drool over...YUM!!!!

Malc said...

Sometimes there's a lot to be said for living in a city - that's what I call a day well spent.

Anonymous G said...

The beach project caught my eye! What an interesting project!

Here is where I went today: http://www.getty.edu/visit/events/villa.html

Pretty cultured, am I.
(Spent as much time in the cafe and the museum store as in the exhibits, but still)...

Mel said...



Heck....I didn't even make the meeting seeings how we were gifted with 1/2" of ice.

I got duckie slippers that quack!

k...counts, right?

I, Like The View said...

duckie slipper that quack? wow! when I was very little I had a pair of Chinese slippers with bells in the heels (seem to think I've told you that before, but maybe not)

take care on the ice

G I liked the look of the beach project too! will follow your link with curiosity

Malc sometimes. . .

Sorrow thank you for that !

Mel lovely sounding jammies!! (think I have PJ envy)

katherine. said...

PJ envy made me choke on my coffee!!

(do you think they gave mel quacking slippers so that they know where she is at all times? And...no way she can sneak up on anyone anymore...)

the museum does look great.

Mel said...

And here I was thinkin' it was done outta the kindness of their heart.

<-- DOES like quacking when she walks *laughing*