from the scope of horror (now with postscript)

to Maslow, in one quick step*

(*and I'm not referring to Celebrity Come Dancing) ok, so perhaps I haven't woken up yet, perhaps I haven't had any coffee yet, but I found this amusing this morning:

"feeling solid ground beneath your feet gives you the ability to take care of business without being distracted by a lack of a solid foundation; naturally, some change is to be expected, but you can accomplish a lot more when your life is running smoothly and you know where you're heading; don't get lazy; there is much you can do, even when you're not under pressure" it's not so much that I have a lack of a solid foundation, because I do have - don't I?

I have a house (leaky, creaky and bloody freezing currently, but a floor, four walls and a flat roof, nonetheless), I have my children - their physical health and my own, my children have a mother, I've had a rich and varied life up until now. . . admittedly I don't feel particularly secure - but that's potentially a reflection of my state of mind, rather than reality
after long consideration and a dash of perhaps foolhardy bravery, I sent Christmas cards to most of my old friends in The Village and didn't hear anything from anyone, altho recently someone has been in touch - so that's one more than I'd have heard from if I hadn't sent cards. . .

and I realised over Christmas, when The Teen was away with his father learning how to snow-board, when the oven broke half-way thru cooking the turkey, when it turned out that I'd bought Mini-Teen the wrong pair of hair straighteners for her xmas gift, when Teen Too stayed in bed reading his book until two in the afternoon rather than come down and sit with his sister and I, that I was the only person putting direct pressure on myself
"distracting" myself from where I am, so to speak

a quick check with the pyramid:

and while we're at it:

(mainly because it is such a wonderful shape, reminds me of a pyramid, starts with M, but I do really really like the way it is lit up in sunlight. . .) (I think it looks like the skirt of a lady ballroom dancer, actually, in a lovely swirly skirt)

anyhow, what was I saying about coffee?
(HEY! I have coffee!)

and I hope you do too
or a beverage of your choice. . .


the following
is the bit I forgot to add on the end of the above,
because I hadn't had enough coffee already

as well as horoscopes, I seem to be inundated with all sorts of other crap (I think someone, somewhere has signed up one of my email addresses to some kind of spamming site or other) (or possible more than one) (not that I'm bothered, but I hate people doing things behind my back); this morning one of my inboxes contained this delightful missive:

"in total you were reviewed for dating 3 times
and 2 people expressed interest in you;
you are more desirable
than 88% of 44,915,587 people"

who on earth is responsible for putting the statistics together on that one? what a load of old cobblers!

I would have thought that if there are 44,915,587 people and I was (only) "reviewed" three times that I'm not very "desirable" at all. . . but then I last studied statistics in 1985, so perhaps analytical thought has moved on since. . .

however, while we're on the subject (well, I am) I'm not sure if I want to be "desirable" at all actually, unless someone informs me of my options in advance (and what does "reviewed" mean anyway?)

or I put myself forward for it in the first place (none of these are really things that bother me, I'm just waiting for the laundry to finish spinning so I can put the next load in) (so don't trouble yourself to answer anything that I've written that just happens to end with an exclamation and/or question mark, please - I'm pretty sure you have more important things to do with your time) (I'd hope so, anyhow)

not that I'm a paranoid control freak, because I'm not

I'm just quite fussy, it seems


Dave said...

I thuink I can see where you went wrong. To much therapy I suspect - you should try roasting your turkey next year, rather than talking to it.

I, Like The View said...

my keyboard is playing up - the cursor keeps jumping all over the place

that's my excuse, anyhow

I needed one for a typo/editing mistake/spell check error like that!

zIggI said...

yeah but you coped with it all - that's the main thing!

I'd love a cup of coffee - send one! It's -9 C here (well outside) by my desk I think it may be a balmy -8.5! Brrrrrrrr

I, Like The View said...

ZigZ sweetie, believe me if you lived and worked within walking distance I'd be round at yours with a huge steaming jug of the stuff!

I think it's -5c or so in my kitchen (four walls to the weather, a flat roof which leaks, a freezing cold tiled floor and no radiator) and I'd rather be somewhere warmer

perhaps I should just go back to bed!


Mel said...

<-- has a cuppa coffee (and it's not the first cup for the morning, either)

This, however, does not guarantee that I'll make any sense what-so-ever. Well, no more sense than usual......which ain't a lot some days....

Yaknow, whenever someone says 'foundation' I think of 'honesty'. But if you asked the girl about foundation--she'd run to the mirror to check her make-up.

Two in the afternoon? That must be one GOOD book.

I, Like The View said...

I don't really wear make-up, so that's me excused from that one

as for honesty, I agree it's a very good foundation for life - as well as one can be as honest with oneself as one is with others

perhaps better than bricks and mortar


thank you!

I'll go with your thoughts on that one next time, if you don't me catching on to a bit of your learning

(and I am where I am today because I was as honest as I was at the time when it counted - just hadn't reckoned on how my being honest would have affected some of the others in my life, I guess)(and that has to be better in the long run than living a lie, eh?)(altho sometimes. . . maybe I'll just shut up a little actually)

<---- goes off to make another cup of coffee


I, Like The View said...

oh and, my lovely boy's reading material? he's still working his way thru the two books I gave him for his birthday

Ripley's Believe It Or Not and The Guiness Book of Records

he's also reading two New Scientist titles that he was given for Christmas (Do Polar Bears Ever Get Lonely? and How To Fossilize Your Hamster)

and I think he's rereading* some Terry Pratchetts (*not for the first time either)

he's at that odd age when he's outgrown all the children's stuff, is really fascinated with facts and science and has a brain like a sponge and wants to learn about the bizarrenesses of life, hasn't grown into the classics that I read when I was his age, but hasn't really discovered an author that he's inspired by. . .

Rimshot said...


katherine. said...

ya know...let him read. All day if he wants.

<---use to get in trouble frequently for reading as a kid. (when I should have been doing something else)

There is something to having a sturdy foundation...but it could be defined many different ways.

(It DOES look like a swirly skirt dancing...)

Mel said...

<-- used to get in trouble for reading, too.

Seems people thought socializing was a better plan--
*snickering* We all know how good MY plans are!

Needless to say, I have my stack of books on the bedstand--getting a bit dusty cuz I'm way too tired to focus when it comes nighttime. is it I can focus here and not there?!
k.... now that one I'll haffta give thought to. (back to the honesty jazz!)

See how that works in my life?!
NEVER ends...ever......

I, Like The View said...


of course I let him read

(I used to read under the blanket with a torch until two or three in the morning when I was his age)

I guess I didn't want to think of him tucked up at the top of the house in the cold on his own. . .

. . .and selfishly wanted him down with me and his sister, in front of the fire

but I didn't badger him - it was his holiday after all (took him tea and toast at frequent intervals!)