well I was ready for everything, something,

anything (or so I thought). . . but not the exhaustion

my candle is still flickering, even tho it's being burnt at both ends at the moment. . . what I have to think and focus on is that this is my future, not my past. . . there's no rush to unpack (which is just as well, as there are still boxes of things here not yet unpacked from the move out of The Village, eighteen months ago, let alone the move from the rented house nine months ago). . . I have time

I do have time

so if I don't have the energy right now, but that doesn't matter - does it? the washing machine works and there is food in the fridge. . .

it feels as if I have descended to the bottom level of Maslow's hierarchy (without the sex, obviously) altho if truth be told I am probably fortunate enough to be hovering between the second and the third (without the sex, obviously). . .

I never had much truck with Maslow, to be perfectly honest, since I discovered that he'd dismissed a huge swathe of the population from his work (on the basis that "the study of crippled, stunted, immature, and unhealthy specimens can yield only a cripple psychology and a cripple philosophy") (which may or may not be bollocks - but in my humble and honest opinion you can't conduct a study and come up with a psychological definition of humanity and all it aspires to be if you ignore one of the basic aspects of being human) (can you) (can you?) (seriously, I'm happy to quibble over this) (well, obviously Maslow could, but thereby lies its flaws, as far as I'm concerned) (at least he admitted to them tho, I guess)

where was I?
oh yes, unpacking. . .

the good news is
I've found the Christmas decorations!

see, there's always a bright side - even in one's darkest hour. . . and that's the trick to coping, remembering there's always a bright side. . .

(*queue Eric Idle*)


Rimshot said...

Another tune stuck (happily) in my head!

I've known two people who reached the top of the pyramid (but both have since slid down the ladder (does one slide down a ladder?) in my estimation.

You, my dear, will be perfectly fine.

oh, and ...


Mel said...


Breathing IS required yaknow...

You found the decorations.
Your feet are 'zactly where they are.
All things in their OWN time, dontcha know.
AND--inches, seconds and baby steps.

You're getting there--stop being so hard on you, eh?

REST, dangitall.
You'll end up missing the good stuff if ya don't!

<-- speaking from experience

Mel said...

<-- whistling!!!!

Always look on the bright side of life.......*whistling*

katherine. said...

I'll have to agree with Mel on gettin' your REST dangitall...and with Rim on the breathing!

and enjoy the new time! enjoy finding the decorations and decorating!!!

I am so glad you crossed this threshold in time to get ready for Christmas!

Mig said...

Labelling, even in rainbow colours, it's still a heap of labels.
You are YOU, special, important, beloved and wonderful.
Also clever, imaginative, sensitive, creative, thioughtful, kind, lvoing....I could go on for ages but my spellling/typing's gone to pot completely!
If any of that other stuff seems to be missing it'll either turn up in the unpacking or it's them what aren't giving it to you that's at fault. (Grammar now gone up the spout too).

However, I'm glad you are breathing and eating and sleeping (not mentioning any of the other) and I do hope you're also keeping warm.
(((((((((((((( I ))))))))))))