often this is the key

I sat on a bench by the river, thinking - much like I used to sit on a bench by the pond, thinking

one thing that occurred to me was that I am privileged to have benches and rivers and ponds and the time to sit on/by them and think


the children went yesterday evening. . . strangely the house didn't feel "empty" without them, it felt peaceful (and warm - yes, I lit the fire. . .)

we're back in that week-on/weekend-off routine. . . didn't stop Mini-Teen from phoning me first thing for funds for her xmas shopping and asking me to go with her tho (it's nice to be wanted!)

I had to rearrange my TTT due to a bit of a mix-up when I wasn't quite coping earlier this week, and when we eventually got together I talked my way thru the last ten days - the exhaustion, both emotional and physical; the realisations, the dawnings, the penny-dropping moments. . .

I came away with a new realisation: I don't have to get the central heating fixed, I don't have to get the electrics fixed, I don't have to finish the decorating, I don't have to make curtains, I don't have to unpack and sort and make space and throw stuff out

not right now, anyhow

I'm going to see if I can concentrate on resting, finding my energy/ies and then tapping into it/them; keeping up with the laundry and the groceries and the housework; being calm for the homeworks, not getting wound up over the bickering and the arguments; keeping my sadness in perspective so it doesn't overwhelm me, or those around me; keeping the good things in mind: the roof over my head, the food on my plate, the fire in the grate and - most importantly - the children who love me and who I love, the three who need me to hold it together

it was beautiful by the river
calm and bright and peaceful with a bitter chill (in a refreshing way) (not an Eve of St Agnes way). . . quite invigorating (well, that's be the coffee probably!)

I hope you have moments of
calm, peace and beauty
this weekend!


katherine. said...

there is something peaceful about watching the water isn't there...I would have a difficult time not living near water...

I know you will find your way as you create your home...little bit by little bit...

I'm looking forward to reading about it all. smile.

Rimshot said...

but how did the coif turn out?

I, Like The View said...

katherine it's so odd - when I started blogging I used to write about all my thoughts, and I've segued into writing about my life (which, minus the band and the bookbinding, and the camera cable, is totaly different)

it's making me smile tho, that you are looking forward to it all


shot let's just say that I'll now be able to have a few more blonde moments. . .


Sorrow said...

I like that..
just keeping an eye on the blessings, and letting the rest of it unfold in due time.
It's often very hard for me to do this, especially in this month of madness...
To many holidays and birthdays..
but I shall make an honest effort along with you..
not to lose sight of the peace
the perspective

Anonymous G said...

what a lovely post!

i hope you continue to enjoy your weekend.

scarlet-blue said...

Yep, the trick is to say 'I could..' instead of 'I should..'

Anonymous said...

You are doing well.And I expect Old Father Thames has eased many sorrows in his ebb and flow.
(I'd like to look at water, too, but it's so dry here...)

Malc said...

I'm not keen on cities at all, but there is something special about the Thames as it flows through London.

tony said...

Yea ,this time of year can be so busy.It's good to be able to find a space to find Peace & Reflect a little.a Bench is the perfect place!

Mig said...

I'm so glad you're having some calm moments. And that you don't have to do all that stuff after all :)
Lotsa love and hugs :)

Mig said...

Oh and I got my cards!!!!!
So lovely, thank you thank you :)

I, Like The View said...

mig you'll be getting another one. . . I'd forgotten who I sent cards to and did a whole load more! a few calm moments, lots of other ones. . .


no rush tho, eh


tony it's been a bit of hiatus recently, but I like a good ├čench


Malc for someone who doesn't like cities, you've found the perfect place to be! I like the Thames because it's tidal

dinahmow hopefully some of my sorrows will flow out to the sea. . .


scarlet I don't like shoulds and ought tos and musts

could has so much more potential!

g thank you (-:


sorrow I'm holding onto the peace - and hoping some more comes along with the season


Mel said...

Very good.

The water, the ebb and flow, the letting go......

Very, very good.