clocks that is
I have one - did I tell you?

not quite the same as that, mine is all white (no painted detail) and has two more birds on it

it's a cheap modern version, battery run (not wound up by the chains) and most of the time the "cuckoo" is turned off (the children don't find it as amusing as I do)

weirdly - but not suprisingly in these modern techo days I suppose - the "cuckoo" sounds like a recording of a real bird in a wood, it kind of echoes too

have you ever walked in a wood and heard a cuckoo's "cuckoo"? it's one of the more identifiable sounds, a little like a woodpecker's hammer or a pigeon's "my toes hurt polly"

I miss watching the seagulls wheel about above the shore, and hearing their screech. . . the house is full of birds tho - seagulls in the living room (remember the art that yearned for me?!) and in the kitchen (a series of etchings by one of the artists on my course). . .

and birds flying up to the boys' rooms on the third floor of the house - I found these really cool decals for brightening up dull walls and bought them way back in the spring, I discovered them the other day when I was tidying and sorting. . .

ours are black and grey and white birds tho. . .
I'm very tempted by this one:

(but I'll wait until the new year and
see how far my decorating budget stretches)
(check out the Supernice shop tho -
the decals are such fun!)

in the mean time, the children aren't here to hear so the cuckoo is keeping me company today

hope you have a good one


KAZ said...

Did I tell you about the boyfriend who bought me a cuckoo clock for Christmas?
I finished with him a few days later and he took it back. I've always meant to get another one.
.. Off to look at the decals now.

Mel said...

I grew up with a cuckoo clock in the that did operate by pulling chains, one that you couldn't silence the cuckoo on.......

Funny the things you remember, huh?

Oh, but I LOVE the feathery decal!!!

NOW I'm gonna have a peek at the rest.......

Mel said...

k.....can I just say that you picked the best of 'em?


Definitely get the feather--later.

Rimshot said...

'...or a pigeon's "my toes hurt polly"'

You have very literate and talented pigeons over there. The American pigeons just make a "coo" sound

Rimshot said...

OOooo!! Giant robots!

Anonymous said...

Skeletal lamping!
Well it sounds exciting anyway.
Such a great idea though. I agree with Mel, you've chosen the best ones :)

(used to have a chain wound cuckoo clock but it broke :( Nothing at all to do with any small person overwinding it, Oh no not at all. Definitely. not. Honest :)

Well not completely honest I suppose...

Mig said...

Ok. I now realise, I'm not pressing wrong buttons - I'm pressing them too fast. Computer thinks I'm saying 'go' when I'm only saying 'next window'.

I, Like The View said...

computers, eh mig


shot they are so cool, eh! did you see the guitars and the stereos? and the poker hand! (I love stickers)

in England wood pigeons coo to the phrase "my toes hurt, Polly" - 'tis true! regular pigeons just swark. . .

mel I have to confess that I also have the shadow chandeliers. . . (and I bought some coloured spots, for Middle One, but he didn't want them)

in the house I grew up in, the cuckoo clock was my mother's pride and joy - we weren't allowed to wind it. . . not because we'd break it, but because she liked winding it

it's probably still there

KAZ there are some lovely images of cuckoo clocks on google images


katherine. said...

those are cool.

I like cuckoo clocks a great deal...the mechanics and the workmanship.


the noise.

not so much.

I guess I prefer them hanging on the wall..silent.

silent night
holy night
all is calm
all is bright