today's horoscope for any bulls out there

"These past years have forced you to do some very deep self-analysis. A slow and powerful transformation is underway now that will force you to become more serious about your life's purpose. There's no need to consider any immediate changes in your overall path, but don't try to escape the inevitable. A shift in your long-term goals may be unavoidable, yet it should be a major improvement if you take it slowly and deliberately."
ho hum!
(and yes, I know they are all totally random bits of texts. . . *yawn*. . . and could apply to anyone. . . whenever they were born. . . but sometimes - just sometimes - the randomness clusters at my door in a synchronised sort of way and reminds me of that Hoff guy)


Mel said...

Oh, I don't put much stock into horoscopes--but I do occasionally enjoy the random 'hits'...mostly cuz of 'timing'.

And you know me--firm beleiver in all things happening for reasons....

Gosh...haven't heard about Hoff in a coon's age.....

I, Like The View said...

me neither. . . (the horoscopes)

but it was one of those random texts that struck a chord for me!


(whever I think of Hofwhateverhisnamewas I can't get that David Hassehoff soap dispenser out of my mind)(yeuuuuueeeeeeeeeh)

Mig said...

Missed hearing about the Hoff actually. (But was happy not to think about soap dispensering).