. . .and eventually find it

'Se/ mo laoch, mo Ghile Mear
'Se/ mo Chaesar Gile Mear
Suan na/ se/an ni/ bhfuaireas fe/in
O/ chuaigh i gce/in mo Ghile Mear

Grief and pain are all I know
My heart is sore
My tears a'flow
We saw him go ....
No word we know of him...
A proud and gallant cavalier
A high man's scion of gentle mean
A fiery blade engaged to reap
He'd break the bravest in the field
Come sing his praise as sweet harps play
And proudly toast his noble frame
With spirit and with mind a'flame
So wish him strength and length of day


Mel said...

Pretty convinced this one's been heard by me before.

Maybe at your place, earlier?

*happy sigh*

I, Like The View said...

nope, I've not linked to it before (I'm fairly sure)(because it took me ages to find)(unless I did, and I've forgotten!)

I've probably had Sting singing other Chieftans' songs, and I've had Ms O'Connor a few times. . .

but, none of that is important

the beauty of the sing is what counts

so glad you like it