(today my xmas quest included
oversized gold-foiled chocolate coins
from the Italian deli opposite The Tower)


katherine. said...

do you put the chocolate coins in the stockings?

I, like the view said...


(and some I thread and then hang on the tree)

when I was little our "stockings" comprised a net of gold coins, an orange and some chestnuts put into an old sock, each year the same. . . year after year

needless to say my children's have always been slightly more stuffed than that! (and each year I used to sew/decorate each of them a new stocking, until a couple of years ago when they decided they liked the ones they had from the year before)

but I did used to love my stocking when I was little - just the thought that perhaps there might be something else (!) in it. . . but being grateful for the chocolate coins anyhow. . .

Mig said...

Ours always had chocolate coins and fruit and nuts too.
(and a tiny notebook and some pencils or pens to give small people something to do at four in the morning while the grown ups slept a little bit longer :)

Mel said...


What a cool tradition!