remember the roof terrace*?

I thought I might turn it into a garden. . .

you know, grow-bags and some raised beds. . . plant a few vegetables and some fruit canes. . . the roof gets whatever sunshine is going, might be free from some garden pests, there's a tap up there for watering. . .
just a thought
the thought is a work in progress right now
I'll report back
(*over at the house, not here at The Tower)


ziggi said...

fantastic idea

katherine. said...

I wanted to confess....I figured out a way to read the blacked out comments...

see for me...I don't get caught up in complete or incomplete....I just need to KNOW!!!!

I, like the view said...





"oh happy day"

*hangs out the bunting*

katherine I don't think that was intentional, but I'm liking the "need to know" as opposed to worrying about the in/complete/ness or not!

Mig said...

It sounds wonderful. You might have a palm tree in a pot?
And a chamomile lawn :)

Mel said...

And I now know what buntings are!

Gosh, I'da been really, really lost had he already called it a night!

I'll admit, I have this thing for a finished product. Mostly cuz in my 'job' I don't necessarily get to see one. That'll happen when you work with people, huh?
So, being able to stand back and see the completeness is something I enjoy being able to do.
Which is why I enjoy mowing the lawn, dontchaknow!

Ummmm......yeah, well now ya know! LOL

Mel said...

Oh-and yes, there's a 'right way' to mow the lawn.

So--I'm guilty of the same syndrome, go figure.

Mel said...


I need to ask--where'll we put the kingsized hammock? :-/

I, like the view said...

that was bothering me too. . .

the fabric of the hammock is folded up when not in use and kept on a shelf just inside the cubby hole entrance to the roof. . . the frame is minimal, despite its size. . . I think I'll work around it. . . gotta have somewhere to lie back and admire my handywork from, eh

(<---- was thinking of growing sweet peas around the frame!)

I, like the view said...

(that "right way" reminds me of my father shouting at my brother. . . :-/ quite why my father got someone to do a task they were gonna fail at, I don't know - one reason why I'm happy to do the washing up, always, cos I hate being grumpy with people because they didn't do things my way)

(<---- knows she is a control freak when it comes to domestic trivia)

(<---- blames her mother)

(<---- blames her self)

(but why is the right way so important?)

I, like the view said...

and bunting is marvellous stuff

you, my dear, would LOVE it!!!