lemon bon-bons

just recently I've developed a bit of a thing for them

I don't munch the whole sweet, I just suck the fizzy bit on the outside; it's the equivalent - but opposite - of sucking the insides out of a sherbert lemon

if only there were an old fashioned corner shop that sold lemon sherbert powder, in paper bags, by the ounce. . .

everything is slightly topsy-turvy at the moment, as you could possibly imagine, so it's no surprise that I'm taking it out on some cheap confectionery

today I started sobbing twice, both occasions totally unexpectedly - the tears that refused to budge only a while ago flowing freely

do I feel any the better for it? I'm not sure. . .

and I going to miss being here? the view, yes; the sky, with certainty; the light, most definitely

to be honest, I'm trying not to think about it too much (not what I am going to miss, you understand, but the whole caboodle)

and the effect of that is that I can think of barely anything. . . (and I can't even express myself decently)

the juke-box in my head has almost ground to a halt again (hence the word ver providing this morning's "inspiration" - but then, that is what inspiration is! so why am I complaining?) and I'm also having trouble with my semantic recall: I put this down to stress (altho it's worryingly similar to the effects on my memory and brain function of the ECT sessions); I'm sure both the words and the songs will return sooner or later

in the meantime I'll just keep chatting away to myself, until I can work out what it is I want to say (and sing)

(but in my heart of hearts, I do know it is going to be alright. . . in the long run)


Rimshot said...

Let me know if it works. I've always wanted to know what I want to say and/or sing, but for the life of me haven't managed the right words in the right order yet.

I, Like The View said...

sometimes the order doesn't matter

and it's not "the right" words, is it. . .


Vicus Scurra said...

Sherbet lemons. You strumpet.

Rimshot said...

missing I time)it's the words, maybe (wouldn't I'm something be the think but first 'right'

Anonymous said...

I've already asked for an advent window.
And did your sherbet "dabs" have liquorice tubes, that you tried not to get too soggy, so you could chew the liquorice when the fizz was all gone? Aw gee! Now I'm thinking about those big, fat bulls eyes; the ones that you could suck just about all day.
I'm going to have some chilli chocolate...

I, Like The View said...

shot exactly

dinahmow great! we segued from lemon bon-bons and sherbert lemons thru sherbert dip-dabs (a sachet of sherbert and a lollipop to lick and scoop the sherbert onto) to - yes, my favourite - sherbert fountains (the one with the liquorice tube)


(I like sucking on aniseed balls personally)

Vicus hmmmmmmmmm. . .

the phrase sucking on aniseed balls and the thought of me sucking the fizzing insides out of a sherbert lemon might be a little too much for dave when/if he arrives here in the morning

we'll have to distract him

any thoughts?

you'll be jolly pleased to know that when I was bookbinding I made a very cheeky little book called "naughty sweets". . . and yes, sherbert lemons had an entry

Mel honey, I hope this didn't prove to be a coffee spitter

*smiles innocently*

Mig said...

Ooh aniseed balls!
And sherbet fountains too :) (only in my case I had to keep the licorice tube dry so the sherbet wouldn't get stuck half way)

Hope the topsy turvyness settles down soon.
(((((((((((( I )))))))))))

zIggI said...

cola cubes and pineapple cubes!
pear drops!

there is just such a shop in Chippenham of all places - we'll go there one day :)

zIggI said...

black jacks
fruit salads

zIggI said...

pink shrips!
flying saucers!!

I want sweeties!

I, Like The View said...

space dust!!

Mel said...

Yup. I've now entered the twilight zone. LOL

BTW--didn't quite make the spitting stage, but I did choke on the coffee.

Pop bottles

Mel said...

And peacefilled thoughts....

(((((( ILTV )))))))

Mel said...

*tap tap tap*

Want coffee spitting?
Ask himself what a strumpet is when he's talking with the girl.

AND he turned a bit pink.

I, Like The View said...


what did he say?!

katherine. said...


I gotta go google half this stuff.

SOUNDS yummy....

Mel said...

After he turned pink and ummmm...and errrrrr-ed "A woman of easy virtues".


He's sooooooo cute when he stammers.

Mel said...

Please note this is AFTER he got wide eyed and said my full name rather sternly.


I, Like The View said...

I'll bet he was smirkin' somewhat when he said your name rather sternly


katherine old fashioned English sweets are something to savour. . . perhaps I oughta send you a pic'n'mix selection!