please help your selves to

your favourite sweeties today,
including Kendal Mint Cake for malc. . .
(the usual in the side bar!)


Dave said...

A nice slab of aluminium, please.

zIggI said...


Mel said...


There's something to be said for consistency and routine....popcorn, please and thank you.

And a happy day after Thanksgiving to you, dearheart.

Mig said...

Ooh! May I have one of those little papery spaceship-shaped sweets? I used to love those.
Have a lovely weekend dear I . I'm away to get wet in the far East (of England). Look after yourself

KAZ said...

Nope - my teeth won't stand it.
I'll have an espresso and a banana while we catch up.
Sorry you'll soon be coming down to Earth.
We're quite nice down here really.

Rim said...

Apple for me please. Thank you kindly.

I, Like The View said...

shot that'll be my pleasure, as you well know

KAZ you're all lovely and I look forward to you company. . .

mig oooh - flying saucers! I love the way the rice paper dissolves in one's mouth leaving a little pile of fizz on the tongue. . . (or the way I eat them: nibble the paper around the edges to create a hole, tip the fizz into your mouth and then eat the rest of the paper later. . .)

Mel consistency and routine are the skeletons of live which we then flesh out and dress up!

zigz I'm so tempted to order some online (check out Hope & Greenwood!)

dave I hope it goes away soon

katherine. said...

what is the best chocolate you have to offer?

I, Like The View said...

these ones:

(wish I knew how to do those linky things)