yesterday's tune was Losing My Religion (which I think is REM) and I did have one for today, but I've forgotten it

(am going to go and think a little and then return when I remember what it was)

the results of the Love Heart Bingo will also be published, you lucky lucky people you!


Mel said...

(((((((( ILTV ))))))))))

*waving from the clueless tent*

Dave said...

You a religion for today, but you've forgotten it? Poor you.

I, like the view said...

dave I'll just assume that a crucial word is missing from your comment, shall I?

actually, today, I very firmly have a belief - !

mel it's a whole tent now, not just a corner? great! I love camping. . . can we toast some marshmallows over the fire? and then tell ghost stories whilst shining a torch under our chins?

hope so



I, like the view said...

ah! have just read your other comment

it is a tent out of choice, not just by design


Mel said...

No,'s a blue tent!
With an awning so I can sit outside when it rains......if it rains.....which it is, at this moment....


I, like the view said...

erm, ok, I might have gotten that bit slightly wrong (have been carried away with the thought of camping - we're in teepees. . . BUT it's not going to rain! I know that much!)(there will be other ways to get wet tho. . .)


I, like the view said...

(see above for this to make sense!)

Mel said...



Teepees even!

BETTER than a blue tent with an awning!
AND it's not raining!!!!

And there's marshmallows and singing and fishing and skinnydipping...yikes.... Skinnydipping?!

Ummmm..... k.....but I'm taking along that HUGE rubber ducky ring floaty thingy and planting myself in the middle of it WITH the swimsuit on.....
Just sayin'......