camping in the circle of clues

less a corner. . .

(that won't make any sense unless you keep abreast of the comments) (and no, vicus, I'm not referring to parts of the female form)

okay, so some of us are camping. . . I decided we'd not have any old tents, but teepees:

and I know how much people like their privacy (well, I do), so it's a tent each. . . erected in a semi-circle. . .

. . .by the side of a lake, with a huge warming campfire at the centre of the semi-circle!

so for those who like sailing, we'll go Swallows and Amazons, shall we?

(I think we'll take these mugs, just for the sake of displaying our intellectual credibility - what do you think? or maybe we should stick to enamel, or plain old tupperware even) (there will also be midnight skinny-dipping, for those with a sense of frivolous adventure) (no links for an image of that - you can use your imagination!)
and before bedtime (whatever time it might be - early/late evening, or after twelve), toasting marshmallows seems like a good idea:

we'll need people to volunteer to collect firewood, and we'll need to remember to take insect repellent; what was that green gunk called that when you were a scout or guide you slathered on the bottom of pans, so the pans would clean easily once you'd cooked over a fire with them? was it swafega? we'll need some of that; oh and some food too - and perhaps someone could try fishing? fresh water for drinking and teeth cleaning is a must, as is digging those holes quite a way away from the tents (you know, "latrines". . .) (*pegs nose*)

and we need someone with a guitar to play us a tune in the evening (sadly, I am currently humming "oh you'll never get to heaven. . . in a biscuit tin. . . . cos a biscuit tin. . . . 's got biscuits in") (so whoever brings the guitar, please make sure you bring a song-book too, eh)

what have I forgotten?

(the Love Heart Bingo results will be published soon, I'm just enjoying this outdoor experience right now!)


Dave said...

I used to be a scout leader. I'll try not to take charge.

Rimshot said...

Yay, clue camping! I'll need to get a field guide so I can identify the clues if I come across one.

I, like the view said...

dave I have never really liked being in charge - when I worked, I tried hard to avoid being in charge. . . I mainly chose to do project based work on which I was an equal-ranking-with-others team member (the ideas person, the resources finder, the planner, the detail person, the report-back person, the communicator) or I managed one-to-one stuff, where noone was "in charge" but I was responsible for the whole shebang (I don't mind being responsible, if I'm only responsible for my contribution)

so, be my guest - lead away!

shot as well as a field guide, will you bring your guitar please?

Donnnnn said...

"I wish I were out of doors,
I wish I were a girl again,
half savage and hardy,and free...
and laughing at injuries,
not maddening under them!"
Emily Bronte

"Out of doors one becomes abstract and impersonal.
One's individuality absolutely leaves one."
Oscar Wilde

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! One of my favourite books."Better dead than duffers."
I could bring my bongo drums if you like.
(And I hope that lake is Wastwater, not waste water!)

Vicus Scurra said...

Camping makes you deaf.

Mel said...

LOL vicus!!

Good! Then no one will mind my singing! LOL

I'll volunteer to guard Dave's birthday cake!
Yeah, yeah......but I'm almost sure it's in one of the tents and is in a 'high risk' situation!

k......and I'll chop firewood.
Won't nobody be comin' near that cake when Mel's got an axe in her hand.....LOL

I CAN bring the huge rubber ducky ring floaty thingie, right?

Mel said...

OH! And I'll bring the graham crackers and chocolate bars to make s'mores with! (sounds like marshmallows are already taken care of!).

And......water--antioxidant water with electrolytes and vitamins, of course.
Seriously....I have a full case of it......*sigh* Sad, huh? LOL

Mel said...

Of course you realize that bubbles, sparklers and squirt guns are just gonna happen without mention!

Just sayin'....... :-)

Anonymous G said...

I heart camping. I hope there's a teepee for me.*

Hubby plays guitar. I don't think he knows the biscuit ditty, but he'll play whatever you'd like. And sing too!


*(Otherwise, Mel can scoot over and I'll join her in the clueless tent)

Mel said...


(((((((((( G )))))))))))

Bring hubby!!!! He rocks!!!

There's room in my tent--anytime!

mig bardsley said...

I would like a teepee please. and I'll collect firewood and Mel can chop it.
And I can bring Barney and his guitar.
And lots of enameled tin mugs.
And we can scrub the saucepans with sand :)

Mel said...

OH!! And we can make sandpictures with the sand Mig totes along!

(who wants to do dishes anyway?!)

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh..dueling guitars!