half asleep in frog pajamas

well, not quite frog pajamas (that was actually a reference to one of my favourite authors - ever read Still Life With Woodpecker? no? you should!)

and the caffeine and nicotine entering my system is knocking out the half asleep
I'm curled up next to The Teen (who's only just recovering) (but is recovering) (thank goodness - he's been really sick, poor boy) on the sofa in the new house, he's watching another of his favourite programmes - Deadliest Catch, about fishermen risking life and limb for a catch of lobster or crab in the Arctic seas (if you need an image, look below at the Kaffe Fasset tapestries!); XCH went off before dawn to a meeting and I came round to make sure that Middle One and Mini-Teen woke up, dressed, had breakfast and were kissed and told they are loved as they leave the house - a proper send off for their school days
it's been a busy week for me - mainly household chores and childcare and what might seem to be ordinary stuff to a lot of people (with the exception of my divine art class! far from ordinary) but for me it's a HUGE accomplishment. . .
. . .five good days in a row, slotting back into the normal routines of the everyday, building up a track record with XCH that I can be relied upon to cope and not let anyone down
I have had the odd moments when
I could feel the old sensations of panic and anxiety rising
I have been on the verge of being
very very scared
by the thought of my future
but, right now, right here, I feel ok
and that is good enough for the moment
good enough is good enough

have a good Friday, y'all
treats in the side bar
(requests taken,
if anyone would like
something else!)


Rimshot said...

Happy Friday. If you don't mind, I'll help myself to an apple, thank you.

Now back to bed (what the heck am I doing up at this hour anyway?!?)

I, like the view said...

what time is it over there? and what are you doing up anyhow?!?!?!?



Steg said...

I've already had an apple this morning. Breakfast that consists of something other than cigarettes and coffee!!

Sooooo good to hear you say you feel "ok". What more can any of us ask.


KAZ said...

Even the successful accomplishment of some housework is good sometimes.
Fingers crossed for your weekend.

It'll have to be the Crunchie for me.
Perhaps a Kiwi next week - the fruit that is.

Mel said...


I'm so glad kaz clarified that she was talking fruit.

Welcome to Friday!

Popcorn, please.
I woulda considered the apple but I stole a few from the neighbors tree. He was nice enough to leave the picker out JUST for my picking pleasure. What a nice fella, eh?

You've had a really busy week, ma'am. Very much a week of 'get busy helping others'...ain't it funny how much better we feel when we do that?

Donnnnn said...

Ah yes, the extraordinary sensation of feeling ordinary...
three cheers for caffeine, nicotine & routine.

ziggi said...





Sorrow said...

I'm with zig, chocolate sounds like a GREAT THING right about now.
Glad to hear all is well...
just for today..

Anonymous said...

Fruit for me! (And maybe something stronger for Ziggi who needs it right now)

Good that you're feeling good enough to acknowledge little scary moments but focus on the happy ones.

katherine. said...

just the coffee...thick, hot, sweet.

(men are good that way as well....)

Anonymous G said...

A good, very good week sounds to me like...

Apple, thakyouverymuch. They've been SOOO expensive in the markets that I haven't had one in a coupla weeks anyhow!

Wishing for you more and more good moments.

Happy Weekend!

Dave said...

Good Saturday morning.

Mig said...

I'm so glad for your good days.
Have them for yourself. The track record - plenty of time for that.
You matter first.