torn between two loves

it's b e a u t i f u l out there

calm, the river a ribbon of silver; sunny, that bright diffuse heat haze again; warm, who said there would be no Indian Summer? if today is it, then I think I should be out there

as much as I want to sit here and do this for a moment or two longer than a while

am going to go take in the newspaper and a coffee at a cafe; you know - pretend I'm on holiday and just do it: no worries about being on my tod. . .

hope your Saturday morning
has something wonderful in it
I'll see you later


Steg said...

"Newspaper and a coffee at a cafe" sounds like a very civilised way to ease into the weekend.


Mel said...


I ain't askin' himself--mostly cuz he's in bed.....partly cuz I'm afraid he'll turn beet red.....LOL

GOOD for you!
Coffee at the cafe with the paper.
You're workin' up to another one on the house, I can tell. ;-)

Happy Happy Saturday!!!!!

<--the woman who has an internal alarm go off-even on the weekends....

Mel said...


What AM I saying?!?!

Of COURSE I'll ask himself...LOLOL
Might even consider awakenin' him TO ask..*snickering and laughing*

Rimshot said...

tod ...Todd Sloan...own

on my tod = on my own (alone)

(had to look it up myself, so I thought I'd share)

Going to the Japanese Garden today with Mama & Papa Rimshot.

Pictures at 11:00 (as they say)

Anonymous G said...

Coffee just finished brewing...
House stuff..
Then, later, dinner with friends. New friends, so we may just stand in the corner and fiddle with our drinks. OR we may just have a good time.

Your day sounds positively relaxing and beautiful! (even if you are tod) (did i use it correctly in a sentence?)

Happy Saturday!

Mel said...

Who'da thunk I'd need an interpreter when we're all supposedly speaking 'English'.

Oh, g'head--but it's really not necessary when I can hear himself muttering. LOL

Got it!

katherine. said...

tod = alone?


we do NOT speak the same english!