for KAZ (and dave) by special request

and there are apples, pop corn and
- of course -
Crunchies in the side bar, too
anyone else want anything?
you ask, I'll deliver!

for dave!



Rimshot said...

ooo a challenge...hmmmm


Starburst candies, before they went all fruit flavored, were originally a chewy, minty candy. My Opa would walk to the Rexall Pharmacy at the corner of Oakton and White and buy some each time my grandparents visited from Germany (I was VERY young). Then one year, without cause and without notice, they stopped the minty goodness and started the fruity nonsense.

I would dearly love some minty-delicious green and white stripey Starburts.

Dave said...

A bacon buttie would go down nicely, thanks.

Mel said...

Ah well, you know me. Creature of habit, I am.

Please pass the popcorn?


Really. There's something to be said about the familiar, the known and the simplicity of sameness.

Buttered and with salt.

(never said nuffin' about low fat or good for you) ;-)

Gordie said...

'shot - Would that be the same Rexall Pharmacy that appears in Groundhog Day?

I remember Starburst when they were called 'Opal Fruits' - but I also remember a sweet called 'Opal Mints' and they were soft and chewy. I think they were renamed 'Pacers' in the UK.

Dave said...

I've been working in the garden all morning, so that bacon buttie is very welcome.

If only it were real.

KAZ said...

Thanks View - isn't it beautiful?
I shall eat it with some yogurt.

Dave - just admire the bacon buttie and eat a kiwi. Then you'll be fit and lead a long bacon and sausage free (miserable)life.

Mel said...

Whoa.....touchy touchy......

So I showed himself the bacon butty--HOLY MOLY what a moment he's having!!!

He informs me this is an 'abberation', that a bacon butty is two slices of presliced bread--buttered.....bacon, sauce of choice (he prefers HP), "the whole thing cut in half and 'scoffed' in three bites".

"It is NOT in any way, shape or form some 'semi-burger'."


He even called it 'sick and wrong'. ROFL
How's THAT for 'all that and a bit of Americanization'?! LOL

AND he wants to go record as saying "The ONLY thing equal to a bacon butty is chip butty."

And he thinks *I* carry on some times....ROFL

mig bardsley said...

But he's right Mel! There is nothing like a bacon butty except a chip butty (except they're nothing like each other) and a real bacon butty is exactly what he said :)

Mind, I was just going to ask, could I have one of those too please :) Could I? Please Please?

Mind you, when I was young, a bacon butty came with Marge, not butter and I don't remember any sauce.

Oh it's memory time!
Opal fruits, make the something go somethinger :)

Mel said...

I'll have you know I offered to make him a 'chip butty' from McDonald's french fries.

Ungrateful booger make a wretching sound and went on another diatribe. LOL

Geeze...I was only trying to be HELPFUL!
k....maybe that wasn't my sole objective......

I kinda like watching him sit and spin......LOL