fun on a Friday

take one of these:

(a wand,
if ever I saw one!)
and some of this:

and let's blow these
at each other:


a change of pace
I think. . .

let's take some
of these:
and do a little bit
of this:

just to get
our creative juices flowing. . .
. . .and then we'll do
some of this:

(which, on reflection,
seems quite energetic
for a Friday afternoon!)
so, how about
a little bit of this. . .


(I wonder what
he's listening to?)

thank you
oh, and before I forget. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .



Rimshot said...


Dave said...

Now my bacon buttie tastes of soap.

ziggi said...

do you know what I found int thee olde village shoppeee tonight?

Fruit and Nut ice cream lollies!


I'll save you one :)

katherine. said...

this guy is amazing

I saw a news piece about Julian Beever…would love to see his work in person.

At the above link scroll down to the 3d illusion….click to bigify…hard to believe those are drawn on flat pavement!!

ewwwwww soapy bacon.....YUCK!

Rimshot said...

bacony soap?

I, like the view said...

shot :-)

dave next time try washing your hands in between eating and playing

ziggi please do, save me one! XXX

katherine I've seen his work before. . . but thanks for the link!

shot what is it with you boys? wash your hands in between playing and eating. . . I dunno. . .

Anonymous G said...

Lovely, joyful, fun fun fun...

BUT, all I could think of when I saw this bubbly and chalkish post was MEL!

Oh Mel?!?

This will surely life her spirits!

You're a sweetheart to provide so much fun and diversion, J!

(((ILTV))) Happy Friday!

Mel said...


.....Got me! :-P

Sheeeeeshhhhh....I shoulda came with the hose, dangit!
Or at the very least....a super soaker?

;-) woulda messed up the sidewalk chalk drawings.

And holy buckets--what cool, fun drawings!
Makes me wanna find a brick patio and have at it!

Orrrrrrrrr......I could just get the big wand thingy--- *nodding* That'd work!
Until I'd decide enough of that......and move on to nerf ball gun. LOL

Ever been shot by a nerf ball gun??


Yeah, yeah.....too much time on my hands....

*humming* me twice--once without trying..LOL

(((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))))

You......are a priceless piece of work--you just ARE.

Dave said...

Won't washing my hands just add to the soap crisis?

I, like the view said...

not if you rinse them afterwards, dave

mel a super soaker, eh. . .


I, like the view said...

g I hope we brought a smile to her face


Mel said...

More than one, thankyouverymuchly!

Yup....super soaker.

That sucker holds a half gallon of water and shoots wayyyyyyyyyyyyy across the yard.


But I'm going for the nerf ball gun! Don't wanna mess up the sidewalkchalk drawings dontchaknow!

*going to get buckets*



Sidewalkchalk therapy, dontchaknow! :-D

Anonymous G said...


Rimshot said...

now my chalk tastes like soapy bacon