I sat by the river again this evening

in silence

the tunes have left my head, you see, and it's been annoying me as I quite like my internal soundtrack

and I was trying to think of a song about water and then remembered the band doing a version of a mix of both Al Green's and Talking Head's Take Me To The River

and what was strange was how I didn't feel sad about there being no band anymore; I don't miss the singing, which is odd because I really enjoyed it at the time; I don't miss the people, which is odd because we were so close at the time; I don't miss rehearsals or performances, which is odd because it was all such fun. . .

and then I wondered about the water molecules in the river - the river flowing in an easterly direction:
and the tide either east or west, depending on whether it's coming in or going out:
and I wondered what were the chances of the same water molecules being in the river this evening as there were there last night. . .
and that struck me as odd - that either there would be the same molecules going up and down, back and forth with the flow of the tide and the river, or there wouldn't be
and then I started wondering how long the molecules in your body stay in your body - I mean bones and teeth must be fairly permanent, but blood renews itself constantly; and what about neurons in your head, how do memories stay there unless the neurons are the sames ones that were there when the memory was laid down?
and that took me back to thinking about how I don't miss band

which was the oddest thing of all


katherine. said...

hmmm.... I actually followed your entire train of thought...well except for the band part.

<---- won't ever be in a band.

mig bardsley said...

As if the band molecules have moved on ?

Have you ever heard Jill Bolte Taylor speak? It's on Utube but I can't find the link. I know I found it originally from a blog but I can't remember whose.
Well anyway I'm sort of imagining that you might find something in what she has to say - if you haven't already.
((((((( I ))))))
Sleep well.

Sorrow said...

A little paper boat on the river of consciousness...
moving on down the stream..

Rimshot said...

ow! now my head hurts.

Rimshot said...


Gordie said...

I think I once read something about every glass of water we drink containing a molecule that had passed through the body of Ghengis Khan... or something... which is why homeopathy doesn't make sense.

Jill Bolte Taylor (the "singing scientist") is on TED Talks

Mel said...

Ah, what a fine moment of the wandering mind. I so enjoyed the wander about.
I even think I get why the band thing is as it is, today. We are where we are in the moment, eh? And that ain't a bad thing--it just IS.

Thank you, Mig..And thank you, Gordie. Brilliant--and although I've heard this before I sure gained from hearing it again.

I often chuckle about how my brain is so full of 'stuff' that some of it just falls out.
Maybe that's not the case at all, eh?

((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

I need some tea and wind time--I'm thinkin' I could stand taking it along the river!