it's Friday!

it's five o'clock!
ha ha ha
mel, honey, you'll have to ask The Brit - but in the meantime, here's some info:
"the word crackerjack apparently dates from the 1800s, and means 'a superb or wonderful thing'"

.(I found that image quite superb and wonderful)
(as is the following)

"contrary to popular belief,
Crackerjack wasn't always screened on a Friday, or at five o'clock, but was shunted around the schedules; it wasn't until the '70s that a regular Friday slot was established"

(this is more how I remember it. . .
but then I'm younger than most of you!)

"during its heyday the Crackerjack Pencil was as coveted as the Blue Peter Badge". . . .

(shock horror - I don't believe that last piece of information for one minute. . . google Crackerjack Pencil and you don't find a single image in around 13,000 images of popcorn boxes and the toys they contained. . .
. . .or various other pencils. . . not a Crackerjack Pencil to be seen; google Blue Peter badge - well over 210,000!)
so come on, who won a Crackerjack pencil? and for that matter, who has a Blue Peter badge and how did you get it? while you're pondering these and other matters, help yourself to the optional chocolate (or popcorn) (two varieties today, toy surprises too) (does it get any better than this?)


Mel said...

k.......gonna ask himself as soon as the potatoe and cheese thingy gets done being assembled....

He's not gonna call me 'rude' for askin' about a blue peter badge, right?!

Mel said...

Cabbages...and toys loaded up til one drops and you're done?

*sniffle* Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Himself never got a Blue Peter Badge. But I did so enjoy the clip of the effalump being inappropriate on stage.....LOLOLOL

K.....cheese and potatoe pie beckons!!!!

Mel said...

Yes, it's only September but it's cold and rainy....

Mel said...

Waiiiiiiiitttttttt a second! Two varities of popcorn AND toy surprises, too?!


Anonymous G said...

Sometimes I find your blog (often. usually. pretty much always..) a feast for the eyes and mind.

LOVE the image of the crackerjack watch. And the camping badge? So nostalgic!

And the little ransom note at the top (referring to dave's card? or something else?) made me snicker.

Dave said...

I didn't get either a pencil or a badge. I did go to see Crackerjack being recorded though (not on a Friday, nor at 5 o'clock).

KAZ said...

I have a Blue Peter badge but I didn't come by it honestly.
Nevertheless - I still want my Crunchie.

mig bardsley said...

Oh I remember Crackerjack.
and that's all I'm saying about it.
But I do like the camping badge :)
And the f*ckedup note