pick as sweet, any sweet - go on. . .

I'm feeling slightly frivolous today -
but only slightly, so I'm not going to overdo it

more nightmares last night, including the worst one I could have - maybe it's cleared the air tho, a little like a fresh morning after a night of thunderstorms which followed a hot and humid, muggy day

for the people who wonder if it's to do with the drugs, I think it is - I've been having the nightmares since I was put on the new medication (I did tell the nursing staff when I was in hospital, but they said if I didn't wake up screaming it wasn't a nightmare) (bollocks to that); also, I have come off the sleeping pills that my brain was/is addicted to - night five last night without it - so perhaps that's affecting things too

interestingly, without it (the sleeping drug) my body seems to wake up more naturally, rather than after six-and-a-half-hours; thus I had to set my alarm for this morning, in order to make sure I was up in time to meet Mini-Teen and take her into school

however, because of the nightmare, I had woken up an hour before the alarm went off; so I started rereading The Diving-Bell and The Butterfly in the early light, instead of drifting back into some kind of fitful sleep

if you recall,
this is the book that the delightful Tom lent me

have you read it? I haven't seen the film, so I can't comment on that - but the book is a total delight, despite its sadness; amongst many gifts, it has given me a new method of getting to sleep: I turn the light out and let my mind flutter off somewhere enjoyable, as Jean-Dom does in the book (I'm fully aware that he had no choice about this, whereas I do); it's almost like "choosing" happiness

which I didn't think was possible, and I'm not able to keep up the whole time, but am gradually learning is a possibility

at the other end of the morbidity scale, I've only had one evening in the last two weeks where I wanted to just end it all there and then; that night I went to bed early, instead of spending hours working myself into more and more of a deadend

so, pick a Love Heart - any Love Heart
and pass the message on to the person who makes you happy,
I'm very glad you have someone that does

later we could play
Love Heart Bingo
(I'll do it in order of comments, alright?
if anyone is going to make any today, that is)


Steg said...

I'm still a little unclear about the rules of this "love heart bingo" thing.

If we're talking worldwide, then I'd pick either the "for keeps" or "heart desire" and give it to...a certain person I may have mentioned to you.
If it's from the readership here then I pick the "bless you" and give it to you :-)

Rimshot said...

A very merry Woden's day to you and all your readers, dear View.

Gordie said...

I had a strange dream on Sunday night, in which a man came to my house, wanting to talk to me about his girlfriend.

Now in real life, the girlfriend is someone I care about, and he'd been hitting her. She stopped seeing him four or five months ago. So he was an odd choice of dream.

Got a call from her yesterday. About Sunday night. And him. Ohhhhhhhhhhh... that's odd.

Dave said...

Erm, none of them really express what I feel.

I, like the view said...

don't worry dave, it wasn't compulsory - but thanks for commenting; but you are seventh on the play list for my game. . .

gordie you're fifth and sixth (for you, for your friend), shot third and fourth (for me, for the readers)and steg (for a certain person, for me) first and second. . .

anymore takers?


(where's vicus when you need someone fun to play with?)

KAZ said...

'Hug Me'please.
They make Love Hearts at a little tiny place in a peak district village near Manchester.
Appropriate methinks.
Lovely Post.

Rimshot said...

did I win?

Anonymous said...

I pick a "bless you" and give it to you.A bit superfluous, perhaps, cos in my book, you are blessed.

Anonymous said...

I pick a "bless you" and give it to you.A bit superfluous, perhaps, cos in my book, you are blessed.

mig bardsley said...

Hug me, cos it's a mutual blessing, a hug :)
I haven't read the book but I will. Next time I go to the library, I'll get it out. It sounds like a must!
I'm so glad you're getting better sleep.
I love 'you cannot enter the same river twice' Such a beautiful image.

Hugs :)

Dave said...

Good morn

Mel said...

Good morning?

I'm a lot confused, which is a pretty normal state for me.
Bit more than usual cuz it's Thursday--and I think I'm too late, dangit.

k.....if I'm not--"for keeps", please?
If I am--"for keeps", please. ;-)

Mel said...

k.....and "oh boy".

Cuz, go figure, I'm greedy.


Mel said...

.....and "page me".

Cuz it's purple.



I, like the view said...

mel, honey, you can have as many as you'd like from the selection here, but the Love Heart Bingo proper is being played on the desk in front of me

I'll explain the rules when I publish the results!

mig hugs do work both ways - that's one of the good things about them; do try and read the book, it's - it's - it's - well, read it and see; the image is gorgeous, altho perhaps I ought to credit the calligrapher. . .

dihanmow you are one of the many blessings I have in my life

shot you can't lose, with Love Heart Bingo

KAZ my pleasure; I'd love to visit the Love Heart factory. . . remind me, where is Manchester again? north of the Watford Gap, presumably - an area I'm not familiar with

and thank you for the kind compliment

Mel said...

k.......well, if I can have as many as I like......

"will you" cuz I don't have a green one yet...

And "you're fab".
Cuz I think it sounds cool.

k....AND a "web site".

k......think I'm done now.

(but I wouldn't count on it....LOL)

I, like the view said...


you're not done yet

you think you can fool me? ha! (and I haven't shown you all the options yet, either. . .)



Mel said...

k....LOL..maybe just a couple more.....

cuz yaknow.....if some is good......

"My girl"....and "hello"....cuz I just got done talking to the girl..

AND....if I could, please...(yes ANOTHER one!!!!!) "heart desire".

I have a few, ya know!


I, like the view said...

hugs for The Girl

and you, mel, many many hugs

and The Brit

"heart's desire" is yours - you have many (and now the sweetie to go with them)


katherine. said...

I am sorry about the nightmares...I get horrible nightmares...but I know what the triggers are so they are easier to handle.

that being said...there is something I really like about this post and the comments...

I, like the view said...

I'm glad katherine - and you know that now you've commented, you're in on the Love Heart Bingo!

just sayin'. . .