the real thing

a French Coke bottle label
("un coca" if you want to order the drink in a bar)
("coca lite" if you're on a diet, which I'm not)
("coca zero" if you want to drink water with a
whole bunch of chemicals added for good measure*)
(*kinda defeats the point, really, doesn't it?)
coca-cola. . .
I call it coke,
but it goes by many names
one of which is cola

that's C
-O-L-A. . .

. . .which is a little like
isn't it?
I'm feeling a little kinky this morning,
kinda crumpled and creased. . .


KAZ said...

OOh you've made me think of that lovely Ray Davies now.
What a shame he had to change the lyrics to 'Cherry Cola'.

Not the same was it?

Gordie said...

Ah, the olden days, when Auntie BBC wouldn't allow the mention of product names... even when the product was being used as a synonym for 'crap'.

The lush Ray Davies reminds me of the sexy Chrissie Hynde.

And I'm loving the alliteration of "kinky, crumpled and creased". They sound like three of the seven dwarves, in a lesbian remake of Snow White. Happy Monday, everybody...

I, like the view said...

the four others being Dawn, Yawner, Shawn (in reference to immacing one's pubes into non-existance), and Lawn (what happens if a girl doesn't sort out her pubes)

I had a friend at school once, called Lorna named after a book her mother read while pregnant; her middle name was Jane - could have been worse, she might have ended up Doone Eyre; my father told me last year that whilst my mother wanted to call me Helen - a fact I already knew and a name I've never liked - he chose to name me after one of his ex-girlfriends

(what shocked me was the thought that someone else had gone out with him, apart from my mother)

Dave said...

Good morning. Glad to see you're back. I'm still relying on the library for internet access.

Two cards arrived from you, thanks.

I drink Pepsi myself.

mig bardsley said...

Oh that Ray Davies has the most delightful little smile :) I could watch him doing that all day!
So of course I just had to listen to all the rest of the Kinks links.

Mel said...

Whoa! *chuckling*

Now there's a brilliant way to wake yourself up in the morning.
Coke ads and the Kinks!

<--Drinks water with electrolytes and vitamins.....*sigh* And dang tired of it, too!

Just sayin'.....
k.....actually, I was whining...LOL