I can't sleep at night. . .
if only it was because
someone's really got me!
can't complain tho, eh - I got you
have a wonderful day. . .
(I know I will, with you in mine)


Gordie said...

Not being able to sleep at night is troubling, I know. But if the reason you can't sleep isn't there with you it's much, much worse.

I, like the view said...

what gets me is that if you can't sleep, you can't dream. . .

. . .on the other hand, it means I'm not having nightmares

who would be your perfect bed companion then dear gordie?

mig bardsley said...

(Oh look! I had to listen to all the kinks links all over again!)

Oh that's so hard not sleeping.
(((((((((((( I )))))))))))))
All I can offer.

Mel said...


Thinkin' I'll just sit and listen on the bed companion question.

Three nights of not sleeping meant that last night was drop in and pass out. That's how I managed a fairly decent amount of sleep last night.

Mind you, I don't wanna make that the practice.....but it seems to be becoming the norm.

I, like the view said...

mel you take good care of yourself honey, and let that Brit take good care of you too. . .

. . .and hopefully that'll give you the energy to take good care of the one who needs you the most right now

mig a lovely hug - thank you! (Kinks links are good, huh!)

Gordie said...

It's a difficult question to answer, that one. Some days, I like the daughters, on others I like the mothers...

Last night I was out was a buddy who's 28 and far too handsome; and his ex joined us for a drink, and there was obviously still some fire between them; and his current girlfriend was sending him very rude texts,(he didn't show me them, but the ex went through his phone, while he was in the loo - you see what I mean about them not being quite over?)

Now two or three years ago, I would have been quite jealous of him. But realised that I feel completely at ease with his girlfriends ... and he doesn't. They go to bed with him; they talk to me.

I don't really do perfect any more. I've raised my standards a lot over the last couple of years, but there's just one thing I forgot to ask the universe. Please could she be no further than a ten-pound cab ride away at closing time?

I, like the view said...