. . .from Blue Pill Land

(on the original I, Like The View, I often mused as to whether I was in The Matrix' Red Pill Land online and if Blue Pill Land was the real world or vice versa; and rather than have to watch the film again, I decided to just go with it) (I digress)

Mini-Teen was jumping for joy and excitement and amazement and confidence and other very positive emotions. . .

she made it thru in her audition straight to the top of the pile and is shortly to see Celestia Fox (who I understand is a Fairly Important Person in the world of casting directorship for films) regarding the role of ten-year-old Annie in the Darwin film, which M-T informs me knowledgeably is not to be named after the book Annie's Box, but actually to be called Nature . . .


The Teen finally turned up to see me. . .

(he has totally dismissed me as a nutter and as such has no desire to socialise with me on the basis that he doesn't need a mad woman in his life) (don't think XCH has explained the situation very well, if at all; anyhow, The Teen has plenty of experience of his own with regards to me, and is now old enough to make up his own mind, thank you very much) (altho he did, very kindly, go to the art shop, because XCH who works for a living - funnily enough - didn't have the time for shopping, and purchase more supplies, because I'm running low) (amazing what a motivator £s can be to a teen, huh)
. . .in the first time for weeks, to collect his £100 for passing GO. . .

. $-)

Middle One secretly my most adored, just told me very simply that he loves me and he hopes I'm feeling better soon. . .

(I never admit to his being my most adored) (because I do love the others in very different ways but totally equally) (I was/am an MO). . .
(and I know what a tough job it is being sandwiched inbetween two others - one of whom gets more attention because the eldest is always so demanding and breaking the barriers and at the forefront of every parent's Learning Process - well, that was/is my experience - and the youngest always gets more attention because they are so needy and demanding and have learnt to shout very very loudly to get it)
. . .(and so, by coincidence, not design, I'm fairly sure, is XCH an MO)(I was an MO by mistake, my mother told me)(not the most comforting of thoughts when you have a younger sibling). . .

. . .from The Mad House

FF has left and gone home. . .

I don't know where that is, seeing as I don't "do" celebrity, but it's nice to know that some of these people whose private lives - warts, cellulite, tattoos and all - are splurged across the trash journalism (often thru no choice of their own) that is a tabloid, and the muck and mire journalism of the gossip magazine, are just normal everyday folk like you and I (well, I'm normal and everyday, dunno about you) (actually, let's just leave it that I'm everyday, cos the "normal" is under discussion at the mo!) who will spontaneously buy one a jar of Nescafe Gold Blend when he pops out for his morning paper, since you frequently meet at the drinks machine and discuss how drinking coffee from said machine is like swallowing diluted mud, and share his jar of gherkins, and have a friendly chat and a joke (he has a totally wicked sense of humour) and be quite prepared to show a human side and give one a totally honest meaningful cuddle when one is in need (he has been thru so much and is quite willing to listen to one's woes and empathise with the deeper and more troublesome elements of human nature, rather than treating you like a social leper)
. :-D for him,
but for me :-(

a feather fell from an empty sky yesterday, when I was sitting in my "it's not raining/50% -" smoking place in the garden, and landed within inches of my feet. . .
it's the smallest of things,

... .
's, still effective for an ex, private health insurance plan cover finally runs out on Tuesday - so it's off to the Local Loony Bin for me, as they have deemed I am not yet safe enough to be released back into the community (not safe for whom I'm not quite sure, but as I have never posed a risk to anyone else, I imagine it's me they are still concerned about); all I can hope is that there is a garden to smoke in, a drinks machine that makes coffee that tastes better than mud (I gave the Gold Blend to someone in greater need than I) and they will have no objection to my using my laptop with internet access. . .

my phone has finally given up the ghost; and - by mistake - I bent the connector plug on the Orange internet everywhere thingy, so it's not even 50% reliable anymore (was never 100% - but that's a little too much to expect of anything in life, I learnt a long time ago - 80/20 usually works)


I'm working on today's tune and it will be here later, but I have to go have some breakfast now (they like you to consume this strange stuff called "food" here, but the weird thing is that it doesn't just go in one and end and out the other - it hangs around on your stomach and your hips) (not good news for a girl, whether she is depressed or not) (plus I'm on new meds, of which a side effect is to make one "gain weight") (by total chance or serendipity, the new pills are actually red. . .)


anyhow, that's enough about me
I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

much love, many hugs
and a few kisses
(should you so desire)



Dave said...

And also to you.

Vicus Scurra said...

How many kisses? I do not enter lightly into open-ended arrangements, and I need to keep a sense of balance.

Steg said...

Fingers crossed for you that the move to, very well) Local Loony Bin goes well and that they're nice to you there. If not they'll have us to deal with!

Breakfast = coffee & fags - no arguments!

Much love, many hugs back and I've never been known to turn down kisses from a beautiful woman :-)

Gordie said...

Wonderful news about MT. I Googled Ms Fox and her entry in IMDB has a huge list of films!

The Teen may not feel able to deal with what he knows (or believes) at the moment. It may take some time. I'm sorry he can't give you much love, but I'm sure he needs yours.

I'm happy for FF. I know you will miss him, but recovery is something to celebrate. Yours has begun, you know!

I'm reassured that you've put on weight. You had become quite thin, and I'd like you to look gorgeous again.

mig bardsley said...

Just dropping in quickly - I'm on a schedule today, got to do stuff with Barney involving pea shingle, Will come back later.

Much love and many hugs to you too
Very many and very much

I, like the view, still said...

dave :-)

vicus as many as you like, for as long as you like, when and wherever* you like. . .

. . .only no tongues

at least not until you've brushed your teeth and taken to chewing gum

(*choose your own definition of "wherever")(I'm a generous soul, eh)

(oh, and you'd need to be both free and single - I'm not bothered about the "young", now I've reached the grand old age of 44)(so the deal's off, considering there is a Mrs Scurra)(but one can always dream)(no jokes about it being a nightmare, please)

steg you're so sweet I'd like to put you in my morning cuppa (always have a tea first, before the coffee!)


gordie I'm not bothered about looking gorgeous in the least; if the extra pounds went on my tits I'd be more than happy, but it doesn't - it goes on my thighs and my stomach, which only adds to my list of woes

mig I hope you had a productive day and Barney hasn't worn you out! lots and lots of love

Z said...

I think Gordie (who is wise) is right about the Teen. It's a self-protective thing, which isn't kind but may be the only way he can cope.

Silver Solo said...

thank you for hosting this music box. i've added a link on my blog. you raise me up.

Sorrow said...

passing back the hugs and kisses...if you want,
I thank you so much for mine.
a feather from heaven..was it a passing Angel you suppose?

ziggi said...

loads of love, hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mig bardsley said...

The teen years are a time when they have to come to terms with the novel idea that even their own universe isn't all about self. Boy teens in particular find it a bit hard to accommodate affection and family ties of any sort while they're discovering the otherness of people.
They come back later :) And they do need you to be still there when they're ready :)

So so exciting about the M-T. She's a wonder! Clever girl :)

My middle one was my only friend for a couple of years :)

Well here's hoping for unlimited access, gallons of coffee like nectar and a little patch of the kind of green haven that's so precious in cities.
Red pills eh :) Sounds like lively stuff.

Lots and lots of love and hugs.

Mel said...

<--has plenty of thoughts about what drives each of them...but yaknow, the bottom line is they are where they are--dealing the best they can (which doesn't mean it's comfy for them in the least bit, cuz I'm certain it's not--actually, I know it's not cuz we've had to process this stuff a bazillion times, the kiddos and I.)
(ain't comfy for them, ain't comfy for you either......but really, you're all dancing as fast as you can, yaknow?)

(nope...doesn't make it any less painful........)

(((((((( ILTV )))))))))

katherine. said...

I enjoyed reading all of the news....I hope the LLB has all that you need....