from beached to stranded

my phone is broken. . .

blogger is b*ggered. . .
my laptop's been playing up (but didn't ask me to join in the fun)



mig bardsley said...

Bother the phone and blogger!
As for the lap top it deserves a slap round the chops with a wet kipper!!!
Sending a big hug anyway and hoping it gets there safely.
((((((((((((( I )))))))))))))

Mel said...

Lemme see--yesterday himself backed into a post, a rock hit the windshield and we drove around for better than an hour looking for a hotel room for the night.
This isn't inclusive of himself going all silent, of being in the middle of a very tall mountain complete with switchbacks-- and himself not convinced he could drive them but very convinced I would not....oh, and the silence in the Jeep!

NOT the happiest afternoon/evening (though the morning was awesome!).
BUT--the post hitting kept us from backing into a hole which woulda rolled the Jeep, the rock didn't go THROUGH the windshield and the hotel we landed at gave us the most lovely suite with a wonderful spa thingy in those 'not so great things' had good things attached to 'em.

And today?
Was beyond awesome. The Big Guy even made sure we didn't run outta gas when himself was convinced we were about to be stranded in 160 miles of nothingness.
LOL We sound like a couple of dweeby travelers, huh?

Ah's all good, even if some is bad.

You still got to post Grumpy! :-)
AND a good whinge happened..sorta? LOL

<--talking about self--see above

Mel said...

<--posting from Utah....tired and happier than a pig in ......mud. LOL

Anonymous G said...

sorta in the middle of my own personal poop at the moment...

BUT i wanted to at least send hugs your way.



Mel said...

((((((((((( G ))))))))))))))

((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))))))

It's a brand new day!!!!! :-)

Dave said...

I'm writing his on a borrowed computer, the library being closed. Isn't life fun?

'Shot said...

If everything always went our way, what ever would we have to talk/blog about?

mig bardsley said...

Just dropping in to leave a hug or two.
Or four.

Can Bass 1 said...

Hmm. Not sure I can do the hugs, ahem! But do allow me to shake you warmly by the hand.