slighty better. . .

(but I have had a valium,
due to an earlier trauma. . .)

(lots of love and hugs in return for yours)
(yes - you!)


Kelly said...

Hello ILTV...In the middle of a forest, this week-end, listening to to Katherine Jenkins and Blake (4 fit blokes, that made me have naughty thoughts!)
I prayed that you too could enjoy this abundant life.

Anonymous G said...

Slightly better is good. Slightly better is..well, slightly BETTER!

The love, support and lovely hugs are always there for you. I can see you are loved by many.

That means a LOT, you know?


I can name all seven.
(and I didn't cheat!)

Doc (TGD?) nahhh...


Mostly, I'm Grumpy. Often I'm Sleepy. Sometimes I'm Happy. Never am I Bashful!

(i'm sorry to know there was an earlier trauma. MORE hugs!)


'Shot said...

Yay You!

Mel said...


Ya know....seems to me there's enough trauma, already....

Thinkin' I'll haffta be having a 'chat' with the Big Guy...

(((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

Be safe, stay well......and no more trauma, dagnabbit!

Mel said...

<--can do all seven, too!


k......mighta had a bit of help on that one....

Steg said...

We'll focus on the "slightly better" bit which, by anyone's definition, can only be "a good thing", right?

Dave said...

Serendipitously, I mentioned the seven dwarves today. Well, actually, last Saturday, when I wrote the post.

I, like the view, still said...

kelly will have to check those out (the music refs, not the fit blokes - altho that sounds quite tempting)(hee hee hee)

anon did you know that The Magnificent 7 had a nickname for Snow White? "Sleezy" (fits in quite nicely, eh)

I have a complete set of 1950s models of The 7, purchased at a jumble sale or something for £1 each (think they're worth FAR more than that. . .) and a first edition of an original Disney book of the story (somewhat water damaged, sadly, so worth nothing like a version in mint condition) and of course my original LadyBird book from the 60s

the financial worth is irrelevant compared to the emotional value of the memories and the joy such simple things can inspire in a child

hope your poop is slowly being flushed down a plughole; hugs and more hugs

shot had to happen sometime!


mel I am so glad that you and he ended up in a relaxing place after your trauma of the other day

hugs, dearheart, hugs

it wasn't a physical trauma this time, I looked too far into the future and lost all focus of the here and now; a learning curve, eh

if you keep hugging me occasionall, I'll stay in the present. . .

. . .and it will feel good for both of use!

cos hugs work both ways, don't ya know!


(you're very good at Happy! inspirational, in fact)

steg you are not wrong, my lovely friend. . .


dave good morning to you, sir

serendipitously the day I wrote about that sailing boat, one of my favourite night nurses told me to try and think of my (at the time) bad patch as just a patch of rough sea I was sailing thru. . .

XXX to you all XXX

mig bardsley said...

Quick hug :)
Blogger threw out my comment last night.
Anyway now I've read all the comments it's become superfluous.
So I'm moving right along :)

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes, I wake up Grumpy. Most times I let him sleep."