ages and ages ago KAZ tagged me. . .

5 things I always WANTED:

to be able to stand up on a surf board. . .

. . .to own a wet suit,
to be loved by and in love with
the same person at the same time
to orgasm thru penetration,
to have friends who don't dump me
when I make a mistake

5 things I'm currently INTO:

ECT, buffing my nails. . .

. . .baklava, ice-cubes shaped like guitars, denial

5 favourite things in my ROOM:

(what this room? I'll struggle!)

a box of Twinings English Breakfast tea bags,
the remains of a packet of Bassett's liquorice allsorts
(altho I've eaten the jelly ones, and the pure liquorice ones,
so I'm working my ways thru the coconut ones now)
my toes,
my laptop & newly acquired
Orange Internet Everywhere gizmo

5 things in my BAG:

fags, lighter, gum, sudoku puzzles. . .
. . .a pen
5 people to TAG:

zigz (a young witch), malc (a fledgling pig-farmer), gordie (an esteemed academic), vicus (a seasoned commuter), dave (a removals specialist), craig (a gorgeous american), shot (a musical vicar)


Dave said...

OK. I'll do it tomorrow.

You could wear a balaclava and a wetsuit, while riding your surfboard, thus hitting all sorts of targets.

Don't think I can help with any of the others (!).

Mel said...

Hold on!

*getting bag*
(and a fresh cuppa java, of course)

I, like the view, still said...

baklava dave


the mediterranean filo pastry and nut delicacy. . .

not a knitted black head hat with eyeholes. . .

*deep deep sigh*

mel, honey, I would've tagged you too - but, well, I didn't want to bother you with such trivia

you gotta whole load of regular stuff going on for you, methinks


(ps am working on the "safe and well")(really, I am. . .)

more hugs

and no dave, I wasn't in the least bit worried about bogging you down with trivia. . .


Mel said...


IN the purse:

A blue foldy uppie ruler thingie (cuz ya never know whatcha might need to measure)

A little thingy of purse-size kleenex--with witches and ghosties on 'em (yeah yeah.......g'head and laugh!)...they're orange, of course.

A plastic wrapped mint from geeze only who know where and how long it's been in there! *tosses it*

A checkbook with a new book of checks to slip inside of it cuz I'm down to two checks inside the checkbook.....though I'm not really down to two if I have a new book slapped in there, huh?

A see plastic bottle shaped like a duckie filled with bubbles. :-)
(One must not be without, yaknow!)
OH.....and it's attached to a string so you can wear it as a necklace if'n ya wanna! (just sayin'.......LOL)

Mel said...


You can borrow the bubbles if'n ya like.....
You can even have the checkbook!

But I wouldn'ta given that mint to my worst enemy.....LOL

(((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

Mel said...

And I'll have you know that himself steals all the jelly baubly ones from the package when THE mum sends them on and does NOT feel bad about it!

The booger....

Sheeeeeshh.....she pays more for the postage to send them than she pays for the allsorts.

I, like the view, still said...

I'da munched on that mint. . .



I, like the view, still said...

(methinks I should get some more interesting things in my bag - am liking the sound of measuring random stuff, blowing bubbles cos "I can" and blowing my sniffly nose on those special kleenex!)

Mel said...

AND she sends some vanilla cream cookies that he tells me 'are to die for'......wouldn't know cuz he doesn't share them either.

NOT that I'd eat 'em, mind you (cuz I don't tend to like sweets)......but still!!!!!

Mel said...


And that's sparing you the details of the other toys in the purse....LOL

Though the "Tangle" is worthy of mentioning--cuz it's pretty colors AND you can wrap it around your finger while listening to boring people give boring diatribes.......and still sorta kinda look like you're paying attention....
(for those times when blowing bubbles from the duckie MIGHT not be appropriate....)

And then there's the eraser toy with goopy stuff in it that floats. Bit like oil and water--kinda like the lava lamp stuff...

And I woulda wrestled that mint from ya...LOL.....even the wrapper was ucky!

Mel said...

k......what am I saying?!?!

Blowing bubbles from the duckie is ALWAYS appropriate--just not always smiled upon. LOL

<-- will be going to a boring meeting and an equally boring training and will NEED the DUCKIE!!

Mel said...

OH!!!!!!! Shoot that it wasn't six or nine things.....

Cuz there's purple sticky notes inside a wee little silver boxie thingie.

The girl looked high and low for that silver box thingy for those sticky notes! ( so they wouldn't stick to the random mints I toss in there, I'm sure!) ;-)

I, like the view, still said...

you're making me laugh! (they're in the middle of a fire drill here, I had to go stand in line for a bit) (it's sunny out there) (mind you, it's Wimbledon fortnight, so it will start to rain soon enough)

now I'm wondering what the vanilla cream cookies are - does he slide the biscuity bits off and lick the cream out and then munch the biscuit?

ask him if he like bourbon wafers (they are an oblong chocolate version of that) or malted milk biscuits (which XCH used to call Damien Hirst biscuits, cos of the dead cow on the side)

ooh ooh!! and ask him if the best cheesy biscuit in the whole wide world isn't a TUC wafer!!!


I, like the view, still said...

the silver box thingy sound like a nice thingy to have in your purse. . .

how big is your bag?

just askin'


Gordie said...

I don't think I know anyone who can orgasm and stand up on a surfboard at the same time, but I'm sure it would be fun to try.

KAZ said...

I love it.

Once upon a time (as a student) I packed Liquorice Allsorts in the factory.
You could eat as many as you wanted - so I hate them now.

Make as many mistakes as you like - I won't dump you - honest.

I, like the view, still said...

KAZ how come, or I should say, why is it that I am the only person I know who didn't have a student job in a factory packing something edible? the nearest I came was one Easter, selling croissants on Victoria station

the night shift

we weren't allowed to eat them, mind you they weren't edible!

thanks for saying you won't dump me. . .

gordie personally, I think most young male surfers have the opposite problem


those were the heady days of my youth, I have to admit, when a boy clad in neoprene was quite exciting in more ways than one - whether he could actually stand up when the wave broke was kind of irrelevant

nope, I have no clue what I'm on about either - the ECT is jumbling up more than my short term memory it seems. . .

Rimshot said...

yay, I've been tagged. I'll get on it for my Tuesday post.

I've never been able to manage the Sudoku thing...I don't think I have the patience or aptitude. Numbers are not my favorite.

I wouldn't mind having the ridges buffed out of my nails.

and I fear my lists will be far less interesting than yours.

P.S. Is it me or does that young lass have an unnaturally perky bottm? (Gravity defying)

Dave said...

I can see you, surfing on your board, down denial (that's a river in Egypt) wearing your neoprene balaclava and having a lot of fun.

I, like the view, still said...

shot sudoku is not numbers, it's logic. . .

(she might do, I don't know, doesn't everyone's look like that?mine certainly did, almost exactly, until I spent 10 days flat on my back in hospital three years ago with an infection in my foot)

dave I'm trying really really really hard to get myself into that vision in your head

it sounds more fun than being here is

ziggi said...


ziggi said...

done, though not as interesting as yours!

mig bardsley said...

The memory might be a bit dicey but the wit seems as sharp as ever and I'm so glad you've got the OIE gizmo.

(I stood up on a surf board once. Then we all got in the water. It just wasn't the same.)

katherine. said...

ya know...I live in Santa Cruz...which is one the top american surfing locations...also the town where Jack O'Neil invented the wet suit.

He still lives here...and is very active in ocean conservation...his sons run the company...which is headquarted just down the road from me....


Gordie said...

Well, you heard what the lady said... go west. (Yes, we're back to the Pet Shop Boys again.)

Am I the only one who wants to hear about ice cubes shaped like guitars?