no photography or visual recording please

I could spend a long time writing about the art I saw yesterday

it was in London Town, so people who live far away or who don't like big smokey cities might not be able to visit the exhibition. . .

to give you the tiniest snapshot of what you'll be missing out on (viewing a 2-D picture is nothing like a 3-D sensory experience, these images convey very little about what each piece of artwork was like in the gallery space, so don't be too judgemental about whether you "like it" or not; imagine showing someone a photo of your house, versus walking them around it and you'll get an inkling of what I mean) here are some pictures (not taken by my good self, or my very talented photographer companion):

(the hanging sections smelt of cloves
and crushed black peppercorns)


(I was too chicken to do this. . .)

this piece did ask for audience participation
(but the artist hadn't provided fake blood
or body-outline-drawing-chalk,
so I couldn't make the contribution I wanted)



for some reason, I wasn't able to bring myself
to lie in the air and admire the view
(if only I'd have had magic carpet with me)

this piece hung in a huge gallery space
(the photo is too close up to the detail
for you to appreciate it properly)
it was totally stunning and I would have liked
to have walked up those stairs. . .

the reason I wanted to visit
the exhibition in the first place. . .
I could spend a long time writing about my wonderful companion - but that too would be a little like me showing you a flat 2-D impression of the amazing 3-D person, so check out her photos and see for yourself. . .

I could spend a long time writing about how I haven't been to London to do anything cultural (apart from the opera with Patrick) since I went to Blind Light last summer. . .
. . .but that reminded me of the fact that's it's been a year since XCH left - I initially went to the Gormley on my first weekend without the children
. . .and that has sort of knocked the wind out of me. . .
. . .look after those you love
and those who love you


ziggi said...

Fantastic! Want to go :( - great to read about it here and on M's - as I said to her I'm so jealous.
(And I'm fed up with mud, there's nothing cultural about mud, nothing redeeming, nothing NICE)

Dave said...

I am glad you're able to have a good day.

Modern art doesn't do anything for me, I'm afraid.

mig bardsley said...

There, I said you'd find pictures :)
I really ought to make more effort to visit galleries.
I'd forgotten about the scented bits of frog - though I still don't think it said anything particularly frog!
But oh that 'Village'. So peaceful and glowing.

and thank you again :)

Mel said...

*happy sigh*
Oh, what fun stuff for the eyes.

Last 'cultural' thing I did....

.....married the Brit?
About as cultural as I get, methinks.

Thank you for letting me be a part of the adventure.

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

Just me....
...lookin' after those I love......

katherine. said...

I would love to visit there....

Rimshot said...

*forlorn exhalation*

I wish I had somebody with which to go to such things.

*self-indulgant sniffle*

I'm quite jealous.

Mel said...

<--checking in

<--creature of habit (this you know!)

<--thinkin' of you and sending warm thoughts

Dave said...

Good morning.

dinahmow said...

If I wasn't ten k miles away I'd go.I love the village!