1 cat, 2 sets of keys, 3 children, 4 bumble bees

and 5 kittens: we' re in

(the bees, unexpected arrivals it has to be said, have discovered the lavender plants already, and quite like the various thymes I planted too, and the miniature scabious)

(*note to self*
get more keys cut)


ziggi said...

kittens? kittens??? oooooo post pictures please, or better still post me one!

happy new house darling,

Mel said...


Very happy to hear about the bees!

** reminder--spare keys, hiding place, cellphone clip

mig bardsley said...

Oh, bees joining you :) How lovely. And lavender. Heaven :)

dinahmow said...

Ziggi can have kittens, I'll settle for lavender.Ta!
(Bumblebees here have blue-striped bums!)