going slowly cuckoo

so today, after my third sesh of ECT this morning, my brain seems a little like a book with whole sections of blank pages; the pages of this book are not supposed to be blank, I know that much; but they are totally blank; pages and pages of blank; amongst these blank pages are other pages which have writing on them. . .
it's not a printed book, in the published sense, it's an ordinary note book, or sketch book - and it's my book about me, only there are huge sections missing
even the index has blank sections, so I don't know what is supposed to be in the bits that are empty; words are missing, images, notations, cuttings, print, pictures, snippings, photos. . .
I can't even tell if there was writing and it has been rubbed out, erased, removed
weird, huh
and this morning's procedure has left me with a throbbing headache, which reaches from right at the back of my skull just above my neck up across the middle of my head to my temples, and I also appear to have bitten the inside of my lower lip at some stage
still, no point complaining, eh!
(she writes, having just complained massively. . .
ho hum)
anyhow, thinking about notebooks made me think about Moleskine notebooks (my preferred sort) and that made me think of Bruce Chatwin (who I always quite fancied, cos he bore a striking resemblance to David McCallum)(who I always quite fancied)
let's just have a moment of pure self indulgence, shall we. . .
David McCallum, 1933 -

Bruce Chatwin, 1940 - 1989

In Patagonia (1977, travelogue)
The Viceroy of Ouidah (1980, novel)
On the Black Hill (1982, novel)
Indian Leaves (1982)
Lady Lisa Lyon (1983, photography, images by Robert Mapplethorpe)
Patagonia Revisited (1985, travelogue, with Paul Theroux)
The Songlines (1987, novel)
Utz (1988, novel)
What Am I Doing Here? (1989, essays)
Nowhere Is A Place: Travels in Patagonia (1992, with Paul Theroux)
The Morality of Things (1993)
The Attractions of France (1993)
Photographs and Notebooks (1993, US title "Far Journeys")
Anatomy of Restlessness: Selected Writings 1969-1989 (1996)

where was I? I can't quite remember. . . but I can say that The Songlines is one of my favourite books - which is one of those I read everynowandagain, even tho I've read it before numerous times

and In Patagonia has some beautiful photography, if you like that kind of thing

anyhow, as I think I said already, I have a splitting headache, so I won't ramble on any longer

oh, and it's Friday -
so have a Crunchie



katherine. said...

ya know....I'm thinkin' maybe the blank pages can be use to write wonderful new passages...

sorry about the headache and lip...both that are splitting...smile....

I, like the view, still said...

I'll have to sharpen my pencil then. . .


Dave said...

Perhaps the Crunchie might help with the headache, too.

Anonymous said...

Even better, my amnesiaic friend, I have just consumed an entire 230g bar of crunchie milk chocolate. All the joy of a crunchie, but a MUUUUCH bigger bar...

dinahmow said...

Chocolate-coated indulgence - just the ticket!
Get well soon and pop over to my place for photos of flowers.

Mel said...

k....I'm getting a tad crabby about comments getting lost now!


mig bardsley said...

OMG! Bruce Chatwin is David Callum! (sort of).
Hope the lip bite and headache went away.