who ever is googling. . .

. . ."what song contains the words stop asking questions that don't matter anyway" the answer is:

Something Changed by Pulp!
(I'm just so helpful)
POST SCRIPT: seeing as I'm so helpful, I'll tell you how I know this:
I use statcounter - a free tracking website - for my blogs (yes, plural) - and, even tho I deleted some of them :-( I still keep the stats (yeah, ok, so I'm a sad sad nerd, but there we go). . .
just for your information I use the invisible tracker
- cos, as much as we all like attention and to know that
others might find us interesting and a worthy investment of their time
and as much as I'm "virutally transparent" -
an invisible girl should have some secrets, eh!
. . .and if I click on one of the options "visitor paths" I can see how people arrived at my site (and how far I was up a google listing, if that is how the individual came across me) (one of the current popular searches is people trying to find the lyrics to the other Peter Sarstedt song - not this one - and the answer is to be found in the comments) (people have stopped googling the Galaxy wrapper and the beep beep song)
so I know that yesterday someone was trying really really hard to find out who sung those lyrics (Pulp - as I've said already) (when I google song lines, I add the word "lyrics" into the search - and thus end up at lyric sites. . .) (another handy hint 'n' tip from moi!)


Vicus Scurra said...

Was that an example of a question that doesn't matter?

Rimshot said...

How exactly does one look up the google keywords that lead to one's blog?

Mel said...

<---- was NOT me!


I'M the one googlin' for the answer about sheep's noses.

*hanging head*


Donn said...

I don't know how to do that either...why doi people play internet roulette anyway? Don't they know where all of the cool stuff is?

Des said...


or google for "the last of the breed lovely 2"

it does have lyrics, sumptuous ones like "you keep your secrets inside, Marie Claire" "you moved to the penthouse of Claridge's"

but he sounds like Jake Thackray ...

I, still, ♥ the views said...

des you found them! thanks


donn clearly not, but then sometimes we don't know what we're looking for until we find it - the trick is searching in the right places (which takes a little effort)

mel I know it wasn't you - it was someone in the UK who uses BT (poor them)

shot I hope my post script answers your question

vicus yes

mig bardsley said...

All too difficult for me. But then I'm not as adventurous as you :)
However I may now go and look fascinatedly at my stat counter site and see if it will tell me anything :)