doesn't time fly

(especially if your magic carpet is in tip-top condition)

remember a short while ago I was telling you about Keith. . . (no? it was half five in the morning on the 18th March - not that long ago really)

anyway, strangely, Smallest Person the other evening asked me who my first boyfriend was - so I ended up telling her all about Keith . . .

. . .she got him mixed up with one of my mother's boyfriends, Colin, who had painted in huge letters on the fence opposite the police flats in Greenwich, where my mother grew up:


(SP thought that "KEITH LOVES ILTV" had been painted on a fence opposite my parents' house) (noone ever loved me that much!) (or expressed it in that way, perhaps is a more reasonable thing to say) (and just as well, my mother's father was amused by the incident but my father would have been furious and I'd have gotten into the most dreadful trouble)

(how do you express the way you love someone? or do you keep it to yourself) (anyhow, I digress)

so "there I was", to coin a phrase, telling SP about Keith - and lo and behold, blow me down with a feather, if Keith isn't still about in the 21st century and working in the same organisation as Blind Date (we'll call him BD, shall we?)

isn't it a small world!

that's a little scary actually: but I have nothing to hide - and I was only 13 when I knew Keith and if the two of them have nothing more constructive to talk about than my good self, what would that say about either of them

BD and I, seeing as we didn't know each other, actually didn't have anything particuarly constructive to talk about, in the sense that we were just checking each other out - as you might do in that situation - so Keith was a hot topic

of course, I have many small world hot topics, but I didn't bore him with all of them (well, who knows if I bored him or not, but I didn't share everything)

it's really weird meeting someone new - a little like when I met the Head Doctor (woah - that's going way back now, isn't it) - you see snapshot of someone, akin to viewing a house for the first time: it's quite superficial, one might overlook important details and one can easily get the wrong impression or make the wrong impression, like the first time you read someone's blog and perhaps leave a comment which you may then later wonder if they will misconstrue because they don't know you or get you or you haven't clicked yet

there is a safety in the familiar, isn't there

better the devil you know, than the devil you don't and all that (as my mother would have said) (not hugely adventurous that woman, which accounts for a lot)

and there is a risk in trying something new

offset by the potential of a reward if it works out

at this point I do have to add that the value of your investment can go down as well as up, and I hope you are all aware of that. . .

so, we'll see - did the risk pay off? there is an instrinsic reward (other than my knowing I can still scrub up reasonably well and turn up on time in the right place and not make a complete fool of myself) (the operative word being "complete") in the fact I did something I have never done before and the experience may well give me the confidence to do it again if it turns out I did bore BD (perhaps we should call him BD1?) (!). . .

(at this point, I should add, he wasn't boring - and his answers to the Q20 were very, very funny and I think you guys may have approved) (altho I forgot to ask him who begat Cain or Abel's wife - sorry dave, have already forgotten which one died) (and for whoever it was who wanted to know what I wore, I'll spare you the satorial details, but needless to say I looked as low-key super slick as you'd expect)

so there we have it: it wasn't a disaster, I'd do it again and I met someone interesting


now - I'm kinda interested in how you express your feelings of love for someone. . .


Gordie said...

What a fascinating account. I would tell you how I feel about you, but you might take a fence...

Rimshot said...

"...and I think you guys may have approved."

I most certainly would and do not! Hrmph!

Mel said...

Wow......and the heads, rear!

And wow....what a small world?

Yep, well, I'm glad for the experience, if nothing else. (better thee than me!)
And answers to the 20 Q's oughta be shared, don'tchathink?
At least a few?
At least the sheep one?
Puhhhllleeassseee...oh, puhhlleeaaseee!
(does that sound whiney? LOL Meant it to!)

Mel said...

Oh yeah!
The question!!


sorrow11 said...

Nope the world is small,
smaller every day...
sss way it goes.
Love is in
gentle on the shoulder,
ruffling of the 15 year olds hair.
( when no one is lookingcourse.
hugs and touches..
works in my world.
small world that is...

dinahmow said...

Girl, you are some read! And then a re-read. I take you as a cocktail, or a mixed salad. Very refreshing.
How do I show my love? Well, leaving aside the very personal...I guess going along with what you see on my blog today (I am so non-motors!)is one way. And initials in wicked-dark chocolate.
And that's all I'm saying!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! to new things.. and Double Yeah! to new things that we would do again. and I think love expresses itself, if we let it, differently in every situation... in every relationship. But it is tough to let love define us, and not try to protect ourselves by defining love. C:)

I, still, ♥ the views said...

craig baby steps, eh, to the "doing new things"; and you are so right about love defining and defininf love. . .


dinahmow a fruit salad in my case. . . am liking the thought of initials in chocolate (I'd paint them on someone and lick them off, I think!) (hmmmm, an edible tattoo!!)

sorrow "love is in touch"


mel ;-D

shot hrmphhhh to you too!


gordie I like fences (especially old wooden ones, covered in lichen)

mig bardsley said...

To start with, love (why not :) Very carefully. And mainly with hugs and paying attention.

Otherwise, I'm so pleased for you that he wasn't boring and yes please!!!! Answers to the 20Qs :)

And I'm thinking I bet somebody or three did love you enough - they just didn't have the chutzpah (is that right?) to put it where Colin did - not many would ?

Sometimes I think it's not the world that's getting smaller but we who are spreading our wings further.