SHE: the homework

well, it didn't make interesting reading, which is why I have spared you all; so, you can breathe a collective sigh of relief and go about your day (yes, even you, I can see you lurking at the back)

but for those who are really really interested, there follows a synopsis:

I was told many many years ago now (after my first MAJOR panic attack half way thru the first exam of my first university year) that, as humans, our brains generate chemicals which create our five main states of emotion. . .

. . .and from these five, everything else stems


that may or not be right, but it kind of worked for me at the time and has hung about in some nook or cranny somewhere every since and refused to budge

now, I was having an interesting conversation with The Teen about shower curtains and the new abode (interesting, I thought at the time, that he may one day intend to shower, so I didn't distract him from his chain of thought but indulged his musings for a short while) (the operative word being "short")

he was saying that the bath on his floor ought to have a shower, because I wouldn't want him wandering about into the shower in my bedroom in the middle of the night, because it might interrupt an evening with a boyfriend, because

"BOYFRIEND!!" I scoffed, continuing:

"if you think I'm EVER having another relationship with a man after what happened to me last year with your father and The Tunesmith, you've got another think coming"

(apparently, I then muttered something. . .)

(. . .something rather offensive about ". . .MEN!. . .")

he became extremely offended, because The Teen - at the delightful age of fourteen and one half - and the enormous size of 6' 2" - already considers himself to be a man and as such I had slurred his whole gender

so, when I had calmed down, I assured him he could wander in and out of my room in the wee small hours of the morning (*hums*) as much as he liked, but I wasn't going to be purchasing a shower curtain

I'd rather spend the money on twinkly lights for my bedroom, to be perfectly frank

so that's & SEXY sorted


Steg said...

As "The Teen" gets older, he will, unless he's completely blind, realise that "Men" in general are the cause of most of the woes on this earth. Whenever I hear a woman talking about "Men!" I can't help but feel obscurely guilty myself. May I take this opportunity to apologise on behalf of my gender for...well, everything, really!

I, still, ♥ the views said...

oh, I'm such a miserable old cow. . . I'll forego the fairy lights and buy him the shower curtain - but can you have a word about leaving it inside the edge of the bath? otherwise the ceiling in my bedroom will fall in. . .

and, dear steg, you really didn't need to do that; it made me think about another thing my mother used to say: "we're all tarred with the same brush"

Dave said...

For everything there is an exception, of course. I am one of those perfect men, about whom nothing bad can be said.

So I'm told. I couldn't possibly say.

007.5 said...

At last I have a day off and time to catch up! What a lovely post, ILTV, beautifully written :-)

How exciting to have a new place to look forward to.

My teens don't wash yet either. But make the most of it as before long you won't be able to get in the bathroom at all (yes, they are bound to use yours)).

Steg said...

Of course, I have a teenage daughter. The queue for the bathroom has been going on for about three years now....

Mel said...

Yep......had the same list of 'feeling words' to operate from. Actually, I was 'forbidden' to use any other feeling words cuz of my propensity to minimize and discount feelings in the first place. (doesn't like that feeling jazz--which is NO well kept secret..LOL)

My answer (stubborn as I might be at times..LOL) was to simply 'pass'--cuz I wasn't 'mad', I was irritated. And I wasn't 'sad', I was disappointed. And heaven forbid that I'd be 'scared'!

That 'analysis paralysis' is a familiar thing, too.
Made me wanna crawl into a tiny space and hope for no one to find me.
I thought things to death....LOL Thus wisepersoninmylife's prayer "G-d, please remove her brain."
LOL Darn that it's still in there and STILL can be overused.

Shower curtains are overrated. LOL
This is what himself assures me of.
THAT oughta tell ya LOTS.

Now.....crunchie, please?

Malc said...

If he's considering showering, he's well on the way to obsessive cleanliness (a kind-of phase two teenager). Pretty soon he'll have a bag full of very smell cans of stuff.

Get him his own shower or your room will smell of industrial-strength Lynx - you have been warned!

Gordie said...

He may have been thoughtful and considerate of the needs of your boyfriends, because he is already anticipating a need to respect the privacy of his girlfriends.

Don't be too disparaging of men, if you want your sons to be lovers of women. And it'll be spring again in your life, one day.

Rimshot said...

YAY! It's Crunchie day!

You must understand that, at 6'2", a bath is an ordeal. (Unless you have a ginormous jacuzzi tub)

Anonymous said...

I recommend girls.

Now THAT would give the teen a fright...

ziggi said...

You don't want teenagers of either sex using your bathroom - get them whatever it takes or they require to keep them in theirs and out of yours - you will never ever regret the expense!

ziggi said...

that could do with some commas

here put them where you like!
bout to start cooking

boo hoo hooo hoo

Malc said...

Oh yeah, forgot the cinder toffee. D'oh!

dinahmow said...

When I flit in (from my chasing-of-cats, writing-of-blogs,and doing-of-chores)for a quick read...blimey! I've missed so much.
I must try to get here more often and keep up.
Showers? Yes!!!!Curtains? Easier to clean than sodding glass screens.

Sometimes, the best wisdom of a mother is to allow her daughter to be different.

Dave said...

Good Saturday.

Mel said...

Indeed---it is a good Saturday.

(((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))))

No worries....things are as they're suppose to be, today.
And here comes the comes the sun...

mig bardsley said...

Oh heavens! The wafting of lynx around the house.
And also the sudden awful realisation that this was a small man whose whole gender I was belittling. Oops.
Later, after the obsessive showering stage, he went on to the extremely expensive shirts stage.

But he didn't exit the abandoned(expensive)shirtsonthefloorinaheapwiththeabandoned bakedbeansandcokecanstage until he'd left home and met the LOHL.