oops. . .

so I go to what in a just over a month will be the new abode, to measure up for curtains
now it probably would have been a good idea to do this before I ordered the curtains, but the fabric was on sale and I got an extra discount for taking out a storecard, so I saved £££££s
and now I have three sets of curtains that don't quite fit the windows - but hey! I saved ££££££s
which I'm thinking of spending on a piece of art for above the mantel piece - only the art I would love to have is too big (see, I measured the mantel piece and then asked for the dimensions of the piece of art. . . so at least I got that in the right order)
and then it really bothered me that I loved this piece of art, but it didn't "fit" the physical space where I'd like to have it - so what should I do? not buy it would seem the sensible option, but it is beautiful and it has been crying out to me every time I pass it (I'm on the street, walking a pace in my usual striding fashion like I have meaningful things to do and a real purpose to be doing them with; it is in a gallery, just hanging about in a nonchalant kinda way, waiting to be picked up by a new lover) - and it doesn't just cry out, it doesn't sob or winge, but it kinda calls to me in a siren-type way "take me home! I'm yours! you know we are meant to be together". . .
maybe I need to change the route I walk, to avoid it? I wonder how many other people it cries out to? perhaps it is fickle, and cries out to all who pass? perhaps someone else has already succumbed to its potential and taken it home!
I would never have thought I'd turn into the kind of person who (a) buys curtains because the fabric is on sale, (b) takes out a store card to get an extra discount, (c) considers buying a piece of art, (d) might not because it doesn't "fit the space" where I'd like to put it - am I middle-aged now or what? (actually, don't answer that) why am I tying myself up in knots about such trivia. . .
I used to write a lot about the phenomena of the mid-life crisis, of being an over-developed hunter-gatherer/caveman at heart (perhaps I should just get the Small People to paint their hands and mark the walls and ceilings of the new abode? might be messier, but would probably be cheaper in the long run) (and I'm trying to involve them in the decision making about the new place - The Teen said he wanted an "American Fridge", not because the current fridge isn't big enough for our needs, not because he wants ice-cubes, but so that there is more space INSIDE the fridge when you open the door. . .) and other such thoughts, and now here I am blabbing on about curtains and talking art work and white goods (well, silverish actually, he wants a chrome fridge)
I think I need more coffee. . .


Rimshot said...

I'd lurve one of THESE...(I've lost/forgotten how to do the embedded link thingie)




I, still, ♥ the views said...

'kay. . .

the first one is tooooooooooo black

it looks like it needs to disappear into a rip in the space-time contiuum and emerge as a space ship in a alternate universe; or else it belongs in Darth Vader's kitchette on the Death Star

the third one looks like it's been made from pieces of a newly purchased and dismantled motorbike (it's too manly for me, even with The Teen in the family)

the second one however, almost hits the spot (but I don't go for those colourways! I'm such a girl)

oooow! this is a little like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except there is only one of you. . . (unless you have a personality disorder that you haven't shared with me)


Rimshot said...

Well, the first one does come in a dazzling array of color options:


...and the second claims to, but I couldn't find pictures. Perhaps you could check SMEG UK?

Additionally, I've seen one with retro flames (a la 50' hot rods) which was very tasty looking.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

I can't remember how to do links either:


taken from:



I cannot believe I'm blogging about fridges!!! what has the world come to? I'll be posting pictures of my vacuum cleaner next (it's a Henry, dontcha know)


Rimshot said...

"I'll be posting pictures of my vacuum cleaner next..."

Were I not laughing so, I might be tempted to storm off in a huff (but I drive a Hyundia, so I'm not sure it'd have the same effect)

I, still, ♥ the views said...


ha ha ha

(laughin' with ya, not @ ya)

ziggi said...

remove the fireplace and have the art!

ziggi said...



I, still, ♥ the views said...

well, dear witchy one, you were right about not buying the flat on the basis that it had no garden. . .

I, still, ♥ the views said...

(my budget only stretches to removing two walls, a loo and a hand basis tho on the building works front - and that is essential so that Smallest Person gets a bedroom bigger than a small shoebox)

Steg said...

Hang on. You've bought curtains that don't quite fit the windows and are now considering buying a piece of art that doesn't fit on the wall.

Um, I hate to put a downer on anything but maybe we could discuss spacial relationships of objects some time?

Oh aresholes to it all! If you want the art, buy it - it'll fit somewhere I'm sure. And fridges? Those big American things are sooo cool (groan!) but will it fit in the kitchen.......?

Mel said...

Wow........who needs cable television when you can watch the home improvement channel right here!

Decisions, decisions. LOL

Frankly, I'd go for the handprints on the wall....but only cuz I'm thinkin' it'd flow right into the birdies flittering around the room.

But as one who listens to those wee voices calling out 'take me home, take me home'--those bazillion bears with lovely, character filled faces have been a source of joy over and over and over again.

Boz said...

Ooooooo but you must buy the art. If it 'speaks to you' so to speak, then you defo should - to hell with the room being to small!

Er. That is, if you can afford it. Aha.

If you can't.... start getting creative with those curtains. Have a Sound of Music moment. :-)

Dave said...

I should be moving this summer. I may need some curtains - but I don't even know what the house looks like yet, far less the window dimensions.

Still, hang on to your curtains that don't fit. I may have a use for them.

fathorse said...

hee hee, darth vaders kitchenette :)

not down with the whole union jack fridge thang - fridges should be white, or at least cream. Those crome ones show up all the smears and fingerprints and the like. I want Nigella Lawson's fridge/freezer. This is what we 19 year olds think about all the time. (I'm nearly 20, good god. I'm gonna have to start buying wrinkle cream very soon.)

Steg said...

"I'm nearly 20, good god. I'm gonna have to start buying wrinkle cream very soon"

Oh thanks!

I, still, ♥ the views said...

steg weeeeeeeeell, to get one of those fridges, in I'd have to take out some kitchen cabinets


and surely you can tell how good I am at the whole visuospatial thing by the fact that the curtains almost fit! and the fact that I worked out the art was too long. . .


mel if you like "home improvements", you're going to be mightily amused over the coming weeks. . .


boz welcome to the views!

what do you mean "if I can afford it" - of course I can't! but what has that ever had to do with anything? A-ha are one of my favourite bands. . . and as for a tSoM moment, if you visit again you'll find one soon enough (you haven't been around long enough to know that my mother did actually make me a skirt once from curtains, and dressed me in lederhosen)

*hums somewhere in my youth or childhood, I musta done something gooooooooooood*


dave I have a few sets left over from the old house in the village, if you're interested


horse do they? get all smeary I mean. . . the small people do have very sticky fingers a lot of the time; I don't watch tv so have no idea what Nigella's fridge is like, but I do have one of her cookbooks!

steg if I'd invested in face cream when I was the age of the horse, maybe I'd have fewer wrinkles now. . . there might be a lesson in their somewhere

but what the hell - I don't have a problem with being almost 44. . . and looking like it


I, still, ♥ the views said...

and how come none of you voted on my poll. . .


Dave said...

Seriously, I may need some curtains, come the summer, so don't throw them out.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

if that was your good self who just voted for me to have some brain surgery, you shall have the curtains I have in mind for you. . .

I think you'd like them (what I'll think after part of my brain is removed, I don't know)(but it's bound to be an improvement!)

Steg said...

Ah, but I've seen pictures of you and if you insist that you look 44 then I must say you make 44 look very young and glamourous!

*passes sickbag to I, still, ♥ the views*

I, still, ♥ the views said...

*pukes copiously, then grins hugely*

you are soooooooooo sweet. . . (the last year has aged me somewhat!)

mig bardsley said...

I'm just rushing off to make some coffee.
All this measuring is making me nervous. Reminds me of the time I bought curtain material which fitted perfectly. As long as you didn't mind the (bright orange) pattern lying on its side.

As to the art, it's a tough one. If you do get it and it doesn't look right you'll always feel a tiny bit niggled about it.
If you don't get it, you'll always wish you had.
If you went in to the gallery and were ever so posh and upmarket at them (or if they're extremely nice people) would they bring it round so you can see how it would look?
Could you fit a bigger mantelpiece shelf?

Steg said...

As long as a lady pukes then grins, not grins then pukes, I figure I'm doin' okay!

And as to the last year being a little "ageing" - I hear you!!

Mel said...

Or.......could you research and find a print in a different size?

Wouldn't THAT be a simple solution..

Ummmmm......there's a new quiz?!
...wow.....I'm definitely in need of more coffee....LOL

Gordie said...

This all sounds a bit random and impulsive.

(If you are serious about a mid-life crisis, buy a motorcycle and some black leather trousers. And get curtains that cover the window: your reputation is still just about redeemable.)

I think I'd like to share Nigella with FatHorse. I'm willing to apply cream, if it helps.

I, still, ♥ the views said...