I spies with my little eye

something beginning with Y. . .

yes! you!
are the 5,000th visitor
to the musical box. . .

(actually, that should have been M because you are "me?" and as such begin with an M. . .) (there is a prize - but it's a surprize. . . so you'll have to wait for it); in the meantime I went to the opticians

"are you still in the band?" he asked. . .
. . .my eyes watered a little (and again when he puffed air at them); I had to do this odd thing with a red spot and green lights, which reminded me of this (but wasn't):

anyhow, as I'm sure you'll be pleased to know, apparently I have good sight for someone my age
*coughs and splutters*
but I do need glasses (I lost the last pair); The Teen said I looked like an old lady in the frames I preferred:
and I thought I looked like this in the ones he liked:

so I settled for a pair that were somewhere in the middle of the two - so now I will look like a totally bonkers old lady (which is what I look like without the glasses on)

anyhow, here's looking at you

hope you had a good day!



Dave said...

Is it me? Is it I?

I think I'm going to have to have new glasses - although I've recovered some sight in my left eye, it's not perfect (like a film across the eye [not an exciting film which might entertain me, but I suspect you guessed that]).

Perhaps I'd better go for some suitable for an elderly invalid.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

. . .*trumpet fanfare*

how suitable!! your prize will be in the post. . .


I find the glasses thing really weird - can do sunglasses OK, but don't different frames make your face look strange? I think you should go for the young, jet-setting, explorer type personally

I do so hope your recovery continues


ziggi said...

I need new glasses too!
What sort shall I get oh great fashionable one? (I daren't ask my teen she disapproves of everything I wear, do, say!)

I, still, ♥ the views said...

the ones The Teen liked were (hide the credit card statement) Prada - but very very very understated Prada (you could hardly see the logo - I don't do logos me. . .)

the old lady ones were DIVINE. . . dunno who made those as I wasn't allowed to investigate further

I went for a cheap pair of Mr Smith's (Paul, to his mates); kind of hazely-greeny brown, a little like my eyes

cheap and cheerful

like me on a date!


Malc said...

Sal has recently admitted defeat and got herself a pair of oblong ones a bit like those the Teen likes - although not, I hope, as expensive. Do you know how many pigs you can buy for the price of a pair of specs?

I, still, ♥ the views said...

no, but I know that the cost of the trip to the opticians is about as much as I saved on the curtains, which is about the equivalent of the "actual meter reading" electricity bill that came thru the door yesterday (as opposed to the estimated bills I've been paying since last summer) and I am now broke


but at least I'll be able to read the meter from now on, rather than estimates. . .


do you actually make a profit on the pigs, once you've bought them, housed them, fed them, purchased lots of expensive sausage making equipment, the man-hours, the woman-hours, the rounds in the pub for all your friendly local helpers. . . maybe I shouldn't ask


Rimshot said...

I hope there's no number in that Ishihara Color Test...well, actually, it doesn't matter a whit as the only one I can get right is the one that they throw in to catch little kids who lie. (Or adults who lie, I suppose)

Mel said...

Congratulations to the 5000th visitor!
I hope they found themself gifted aplenty for the experience....as much as us rabble do, and more even!

<---needs more coffee

Either that or I need new glasses. LOL

Oy......I so dislike bifocals......

mig bardsley said...

Coo-er! 5000 visitors! And that was yesterday - probably another hundred or so by now :)
I need new glasses too. Lots of them - they don't make any which will handle all the things I want to be able to see properly!
I think I'll leave it a bit longer and join Mel with some coffee :)

Gordie said...

I got my new glasses today. And Al Murray (the pub landlord) had an interesting conversation about pigs and farms with Alex James (of Blur).